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FS: Jordan 1 AJKO Black/Sport Blue 12 FOR RETAIL

VANS SOLD New, unworn Jordan 1 AJKO Black/Sport Blue in size 12. Not even tried on. Only looking for retail + shipping and PP fees.  $160 shipped. Please email me at ngrant1220@gmail.com for any questions or offers. I don't check PMs often enough. Thanks! [Image]

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[FS]: BWGH x Puma R698 (12)

BWGH x Puma r698s (12) - One of the best sneakers to release last year. Worn 4-5x sparingly. Very few size 12s in the world. Certainly none for sale right now. Comes with box. $225 shipped OBO (willing to work with this, so don't be afraid to offer) Email me at nickg@complex.com for any questions or offers. Paypal only, please.  [Image]

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Short and sweet, Got these Pyrex Shorts, black L directly from RSVP Gallery but they're too small for my liking. Never worn, only tried on. There were no tags with them when I got them. Looking for $175 shipped OR willing to trade for a blk Supreme Hennessy football jersey XL (will add $$.) Can be slightly worn, doesn't need to be DS. I got plenty of refs, I'm an OG on this forum. PM me here or email me at ngrant1220@gmail.com [Image]

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That's right, bitches. It is I, karl winslow. Sellin' some shit I may or may not have worn on my body for you to cream over. Let's get right to it, shall we? hard-to-find BWGH Bakutu Shirt with pocket and upper back details. Worn 3x. Size L: $120 shippe OBO Supreme x CDG cap is BNWOT, tried on for a millisecond in the daft thought of keeping it. $100 shipped OBO Only looking for $$$ unless you have THIS Geller dip dye crewneck in a 52 (I would probably add cash.) http://24.media.tumblr.com/581c04bb7c0f05aee359019af90bce72/tumblr_mk8akvw4IJ1qc9a0fo1_500.jpg I only except paypal. I've dealt on here before and I've dealt elsewhere many times for many years. Ask around on all teh sitez. Email me at nickg@complex.com or PM me with any questions or offers. [Image]

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APC New Standards (33)

Hello all, Up for sale is a slightly worn pair of APC New Standards, sz 33 for sale. I have worn these probably 15-20x very gently. As you can tell, not really any fading, but creasing is starting to come in. Very minimal stretching, as well, so these are still pretty true to size. Only looking for a sale here, no trades at this time. If you need any extra pictures, I will only supply them to those that are serious in buying. Any questions, PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email]. [B]Looking for 115 shipped or best offer here.[/B] Pics: [Image] Thanks for checking.

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Visvim Fluxus 05 Damaged (36), APC New Standards (33)

Ahoy hoy, Up for sale is a USED pair of Visvim Fluxus 05 damaged denim. These are probably the most sought after pair of fluxus out, cut AND style-wise. The 05 cut is the straight to slight taper cut, perfect for rollups w/ your shamans, logan los, and other vis footwear. Seriously, these look good as shit with select sneakers and all vis shit. I just don't get enough wear out of em anymore. I have worn these probably 15-20 times, washed twice. They were a bit worn before I got them as well from the infamous owner of many outstanding vis items, Frank the Tank. Retail on these were 500+, so please keep that in mind when offering. The only problems with the denim are pretty minor. The right pocket is starting to tear, as you can see from the pics, but can be fixed fairly easily. This also effects the internal pocket a little, which I plan to have sewn up prior to selling (can have done yourself, if you prefer). Only other problem is the back patch has ripped (this was prior to my purchasing). Other than that, they are clean, look great, and have TONS of life left in them. You can see they still look AMAZING. I prefer paypal, but will accept Money Order if you are reputable and you allow me to cash the MO prior to me sending the item. Your choice. Any questions or concerns, PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email]. I prefer not to take anymore pics as these show everything that needs to be seen, but will do so for serious buyers only. [B]PRICE: 175 shipped OR BEST OFFER[/B] Onto the pics: [Image] Thanks for checking.

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Kangol x Patta Beanie (Burgundy)

Up for sale is a used Kangol x Patta beanie, which dropped last year in limited quantities. Worn 10-20x sparingly, still in great shape, as you can tell. No holes, tears, blemishes, only very slight signs of wear. Only looking for straight cash, homie, so no trades. Retailed for 80 last year, looking for 45 shipped. Any questions, PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email] Pics: [Image] Holla.

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SUPREME Blue Monday, Rosary, OathRARE (XL)

Hello folks, Up for SALE are 3 very rare Supreme t-shirts in XL. First up is a black Rosary tee. Very sought after, worn 10x, washed twice. Minimal cracking, no stains/tears/holes/blemishes of any kind. Neck is still tight, none of that stretched out bacon shit. Next is a lilac Oath. You will NEVER see this shirt in this color again. Same description as the Rosary. Last up is a black Blue Monday. This shirt has been worn about 4-5x and washed ONCE, but it has a very small, almost unnoticeable hole above the pocket. It got snagged on a nail. Yes, I was bummed. That is the only blemish of the 3 shirts. Only accepting Paypal or MO (HAVE TO KNOW YOU and you must be willing ot let me cash the MO before I ship the shirt(s)). Obviously, I am legit as all get out, so no need to worry there. Any questions, PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email]. Prices: Rosary: 60 shipped OBO Oath: 50 shipped OBO Blue Monday: 60 shipped OBO Onto the pics: [Image] Holla at me!

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RARE Scream Green Huarache LE (12)

Hello folks, up for sale is a rare 1999 Nike Huarache LE sz 12 in the ever popular scream green colorway. When was the last time you saw a decent pair of these in this size? I would rate these around an 8-8.5/10, as there are a few blemishes (noted in the pictures) that aren't very noticeable, but they are there. Other than that, the whites are white and they are in great shape. Insoles were removed before I received them and they do NOT come with OG box, though they will be shipped double-boxed. No trades, please. Just want a few bucks for these. Only accepting paypal or MO (IF I know you AND you have to wait until MO is cashed before shoes are shipped). Obviously, I am legit, you don't even have to ask. Will ship internationally, but shipping costs will be added accordingly. Any questions, please PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email]. I will likely respond ASAP. [B]BIN: 180 shipped OBO[/B] Now to the pics: [Image] Holla at me!

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Millennial Mouth

Hey fellas, Some of you may know, I work in advertising. I'm doing a little side project for my job called Millennial Mouth. It's basically a Facebook and Twitter account dedicated to discussion about the topics Generation Yers/Millennials (approx. 18-35 year olds) are interested in, whether its music, movies, art, jobs, social networking, finances, everything that is important to our everyday lives. I want it to be something we can hold discussions, pick each others brains, really just get to know everyone's opinion on certain issues of today. Now, since this is for my job, I'd like to keep it fairly mild (with language and stuff) I can't talk about fashion all the time, but I think the topics I've touched on already talked about would be of interest to a lot of yall. Some of my fellow HBers have already checked it out and I truly appreciate yall. I just want you guys to check it out, you dont have to follow/like us if you don't want to, I just ask that you think about helping me try and get this thing off of the ground. This will also help advance my career! Links are below. I appreciate it yall. [URL]

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R.I.P. George Steinbrenner

He was in bad shape, but this is still a shock. Died this morning from a massive heart attack. He will be missed, especially in NY. R.I.P. Georgey. [URL]

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Favorite Commercials

I appreciate a good commercial, whether it is funny, dramatic, or just plain out gets the job done to the greatest extent; getting the consumer to remember the brand through association. What are some of your favorite commercials? I'll start it off with three of my favorite humourous commercials: [URL]

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[FS] Supreme Oath tee RARE COLOR RARE SIZE (XL)

I'mma make this quick, Selling a very good conditioned purple Supreme Oath tee. Yes, the tee you all fiend over, bitches. Worn probably a total of 8x, washed once. Minimal cracking on the print, no stains, marks, neck-stretching, holes, tears, etc. Shit is pretty pristine. Only accepting PAYPAL right now, no MO or trades, sorry. I don't think anyone needs to question my credibility, been on these forums for ages. Any questions or offers, please PM me or email me at [email]ngrant@zlrignition.com[/email]. [B]Looking for 65 shipped OBO. [/B] Now for the pics: [Image] Also selling sz 12 OG Stussy Blazers (navy/turbo pink) for MAD cheap, so hit me up if you're interested in those, as well.

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[FS] RARE 2005 Supreme Box Cap

OK guys, gonna make this quick. Selling this rare ass puple "woolish" multi-spot box cap from 2004-2005ish and I need it sold TODAY. Its a nice material, but won't make your head too hot. Worn a total of about 10x between the OG seller and myself, but it is such a sturdy cap, it looks brand new. Only accepting paypal, as I need the money ASAP to cop some other shit I don't want my wife to know about. Price today is 45 shipped. We all know it is worth more than that. Will ship out as soon as I receive payment (depending on WHEN I receive payment, of course). PM me or email me at ngrant@zlrignition if you have any questions. Onto the pics: [Image] Hit me up, need this gone now now now!

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