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PS3: PSN Name Thread

yoo if anyone's looking for someone to play black ops with on the ps3, add me. chronicuno. 2.05 KD, would be higher if i didn't lag all the time. i fuck around sometimes so don't expect me to be a pro or anything. oh and i like playing with pinoys the most :D

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Official Philippines Shopping Guide w/ pics!

i'll be going to the philippines from july 31-august 16. looking forward to it...

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Looking for a first car..

i'm in the same situation, but i posted in the stickied thread. any advice would be appreciated, fellas

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OFFICIAL First Car Thread

i'm in a situation where i'll be copping a new car or 'inheriting' one soon because i'll be living off campus next year for college. (i'll be living about 10 minutes away from the university) my dad drives a audi a6 from '01 or '03 not sure. and my mom drives a nissan pathfinder from '03. i don't think a pathfinder would be ideal for me to drive because it's so big and not very fuel efficient. so my parents were thinking of helping me buy a used car maybe an audi a4 or maybe a cheaper, brand new toyota that's more fuel efficient. i'm not really sure though i don't know much about cars and i told them to help me buy whichever car is more easy for them. but what do you guys suggest? are audi a4's nice or do you suggest i go after a toyota camry or something like that? and they're not gonna be dropping bills on me. i'll be paying for this down the road, plus i got almost two years' worth of two jobs + a work study saved up (i only cop clothes whenever i need em tbh)

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Drake - Take Care tracklist leaked


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Nike Air Yeezy 2

@maverick - good luck with that man, it'll probably release this year in the winter time.

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Best everyday Jordans?

The Jordan 5's coming out in August will be good black beaters too.

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Vans Authentics are the most comfortable shoes that I own.

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Just got $230 for graduation, wanna start my shoe game

Cop whatever looks good to you. If you wanna start off on the jordan game, you can wait till the Jordan 5's Black/Metallic's come out in August. Those are a classic, and since you're starting off your shoe game you can wear them more often since they're black. Plus the more you wear them, the faster they'll yellow. And in the case of the 5's coming out this year, that may be a good thing to some people because they'd rather have it yellow instead of the blue soles. Not sure how Ifeel about that but I've seen people say that.

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One Brand For Rest Of Your Lfie

Ralph Lauren. Could easily go with a plain color T with some RRL jeans every day.

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Best everyday Jordans?

[Quote] idk about them being the best every day j's though... those would yellow like crazy. but idk, maybe its just me. i always thought the 11's were more of that special occasion / occasional swag shoe lol

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Air Jordan V Retro Black Metallic Silver 2011 Detailed Look

[Quote] Thanks for the heads up.

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aj banned 1's

[Quote] You gotta call your outlets. I called mine here in CT, and they're not getting any in... tongueface

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Air Jordan 3 True Blue 2011 Video

[Quote] Should come around to around $160 after tax.

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Best everyday Jordans?

[Quote] Are you talking about the Black Cement 3's? If so... those over everything.

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