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[OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH] - 2013 Official Discussion Thread

don't think ive ever seen this much outrage about a fucking tee, hoodie, and flannel

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[SSUR] – 2013 Official Discussion Thread

where can i cop the hong kong boss snap? my ny boss is collecting dust.. time to refresh? anyone? the clot store seems to be down for some reason

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Just copped the Momotaro Japan Blues from Mildblend in Chicago... Anybody else have a pair???  Super DOPE. 36" inseams, meaning they're extra fucking long. From what I hear, these are some of the OG raw ppl from the East. Chime in if you've copped or know about this historic brand.

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A.CHAL - Ballroom Riots

FUCK. WITH. THIS!!!!! [URL] [Image]

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New/Up and Coming Brands or Clothing Lines

[Quote]dude, why doesn't the rest of your line look like this. or at least resemble the creativity here. this tee is fucking amazing, but i might consider not buying it because its not consistent with the rest of "t-rex". do more. not sure what the mask is about???

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New/Up and Coming Brands or Clothing Lines

the washed away swatch tee is dope! maybe do some more like that, diff colors and what not ya know

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What Shoes/Boots You Wearing This Winter?

still goin w the Danner mountain lights... 3 years skrong

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