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fyi: if you are a student you can get the student discount through apple. A 15inch macbook pro is only $1799

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[URL] I believe this is the best bang for your buck. I'm about to either get this or a macbook pro and this is definitely a better deal than the 17in mbp.

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haha you fucking pussy. That's what you get for drinking jagger asshole.

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Post your Office or Workplace...

My cube: [Image] I work as a drafter at an engineering firm.

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Unity Mansion trade show *video*

I'll be at the kick off concert. Shits gonna be dope with la coka nostra. I hope Ill bill does a few of his own songs.

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Good T-mobile phones.

in like September they get the newest blackberry the curve. its gonna be fucking sweet. I'm going to switch to it from my sk3. [URL]

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the alifes on the main page

these are outta control. &)

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First Job? Current Job?

First: Coldstone - 16 Now: CAD Tech - 19

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There is already a thread about this. [URL]

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Creative Rec's

[URL] They cary them if you feel like ordering online

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Villain Clothing Launch

uhhh [URL]

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Las Vegas Shops

There is also epic but they never get anything to dope. What brings you to good old Vegas?

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Pick Up Post: August 2007

on the daft punk note fucking amazing just saw them in berkeley. Also for anyone coming out to vegas hit me up maybe we'll kick it.

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WTB Daft Punk 12' Medicom ANY series

they are there august 9th yo. Think the tickets are sold out but so was berkeley when I got mine. Any amount of money is worth it to see them. I also suggest some bomb E [Image]

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WTB Daft Punk 12' Medicom ANY series

Nothing really seems the same after being at something that epic. I don't think I'll ever be normal again. Luckily I get to see them in October in Vegas. WOOT WOOT for my home town bringin em here.

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