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Official The Underachievers Thread

[Quote]true dat, wether its the label or them selves i dont really give two fucks anymore.. we've waited long enough right. waiting for tweeds to get retweeted an' all that shit bitch please.

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i'm addicted to CAMO

just copped this one for a bit over 100 euro, that'll be 130$ ... Nike Division jacket. waiting for it to arrive tho [Image]

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whats up with Vans LXVI inscribe

So i looked around here for a bit but couldnt really find anything bout these (search didnt help either) [Image] anyone who fucks with these? i dont get how theres barely any hype round these here kicks imho cheers

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Official Punk Hardcore Thread

I saw some people here talking Converge, anyone checked that new album?? such a blast once again these guys fail to deliver anything below genius... [Embed content] when they link your clip to Kubrick then u know ur on to something good hha

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Official The Underachievers Thread

dont get why they wanna wait for more hype before droppin that tape tho... aint the tape what creates the hype? next to them videos ofcorpse

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Action Bronson’s Rare Chandeliers

I downloaded Blue Chips the day it came out, i guess its one of the few albums that never left my ipod since... too many dope songs on that one!! thug love story man that beat is just pure brilliance. so glad to have a dl link for the new one, REALLY curious for it

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