hype cog

RIP Jtang

dont even remember that nigga

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kaws hype?

the fuck is up with the kaws hype?dudes been around for like almost 20 years. i remember seein his stuff in a museum in like 4th grade, and it wasnt mush different from his current stuff. just wonderin why he seems to be blowin up so hard right now

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listen to this


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why come people can post in a new thread before tha OP?

that shit

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why do we die?

I know it sounds stupid but its something ive been wondering about. im talking about dyeing of old age specifically, like why do our cells replace themselves worse than before and break down, why dont we just stop aging. any biology majors that can answer me this? i hope this is comin across in the right way and not just like im a dumbass, but i will probably just come across as a dumbass, but fuck it.

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what to do in a situation like this

two nights ago i was on the way home from target with two dudes, as we approached the bus stop this dude who was standing there fell hard, head lying in the street with cars goin by within a couple feet of him. we went over to him and asked if he was alright and he just gave us a wierd cloudy eyed look and got up and started leaning on this fence. he took a computer duster out and started going ham sprayin that shit up his nose and would just go limp every minute or so, then the bus came and we all got on including the guy and he kept doing it. he was only on for one stop and then he straight fell out of the bus door and stumbled across the street with lots of cars goin by. i think he was probably tryin to kill himself, or at least didnt care if he lived or died, anyway theres a pretty significant chance hes dead now. i keep feelin now like i should have said something or told the bus driver or some shit but not sure, what would you guys have done?

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[URL] i heart ted, anyone else?

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chocolate chip cookies

chewy or crispy?

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male modeling

(no hetero) any body done it? how easy is it/ [B]how much bank do you get?[/B] what do you gotta do? how do you get in the buisiness, like what are the legit firms or whatever, especially in chicago?

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someone give me 300 dollars so i can get my dog out of spca


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tree of life

holy fuck. everyone should see it, one of the most intense movies i've ever seen. make sure you go into it with the right mindset though, if you are one of those pretentious atheists who thinks anything involving any kind of theology is garbage then i guess you might as well stay home, but if you can get over that then i would recommend it. anyone seen it? id like to hear others thoughts. i thought it was amazing, but first thing after it was over the guy behind me muttered "you gotta be fuckin kidding me" lol so obviously not everyone liked it and i'd like to know why

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japanese members

is this foreal? [URL]

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hair cuts for caucasians

i need a cut, i usually just buzz it off cause i feel like theres no good cuts for white dudes and i dont really give a fuck, but what do you guys usually fuck with

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Im am currently applying for a job in which my main duties will basically be to hang out with an Alzheimer's patient a couple of times per week. he has no memory, so for the most part he likes to look at picture books, national geographic, watch youtube videos, etc. both my grandfathers at one point or another suffered from temporary memory loss, so i have some idea what its like, but not to the extent of alzheimers.i was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with people with alzheimers, if you have any tips, suggestions, etc. or can tell me what it is like to try to work with these people/how to make them happy. i know its a terrible disease and will be a tough job so anything helps. also, i remember seeing a video that a guy made about hanging out with his dad who had alzheimers or some memory loss condition, i cant remember what it was called now though and i was wondering if anyone knew what im talking about/knows where i can find it,or any other info related to the subject. thanks

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