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What's the perfect Outerwear for this Winter ?

I needa get prepared for this winter coming up , let me get your opinions , thanks in advance.

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Roast this Bitchhh, Vol. Cold Blooded.

This bitch CRAY, we be texting and she uses winky faces. Come to find out, she dont wanna give it up. ROAST PLEASE FAM facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002671471843

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Vans or Chuck Taylors ?

Which one you guys prefer ?

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Oh thanks bruh

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Official Link for "Watch The Throne"

mediafire.com/?hsijkuo5j28wllp Rookie of the Year B)

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The Official Jeans Thread

What jeans brand do ya rock? post em' up

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Who rocks chambrays? Anyone knows where can I find dope ones?

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