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I've been to United Kingdom Discussion. Nobody's there. :(

I was just asking for suggestions what store in UK can I purchase or get an idea of design of Leather Jackets.I love to have one, because all of my friends have their cool leather jackets. Please. blushing Thank you! I am researching in my own, but if you have better one, I appreciate it.

2 Weeks ago in United Kingdom

New online store

Those hats are awesome! blushing

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Leather Jackets? Please.

Hmm? Heyy everybody. blushing I am desperate to buy leather jackets because all my friends have it. Can you suggest online shops if where could I buy the best one? PLEASE.

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Hello eveyrybody! I am a newbie.

I am glad that I join this forum. Hope will learn from your advices and suggestions when I am in need. blushing Thank you admin for the acceptance! Take care all.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion