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i rock this on the daily [Image]

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what are some good music blogs besides hypetrak and nahright

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?

[Quote] smashin dudes

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I need info on this coat

[Quote] smashin dudes

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[Quote] ilk son rock some goretex hiking boots i don't know the exact brand and model since goretex is a fabric but they have some dope ones and heads been on that steez for a while down here

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What Do You Think of Christian Audigier?

[Quote] fuck clothes with skulls everywhere with the olde english font and the shiny gold foil. down here in fucking south jersey we get polska fuckers in addition to fucking guidos with the diesels, the american eagle, hollister, and aeropostale.

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WDYWT Real Talk Edition

[Quote] lol nice boondock saints quote

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