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Onyx/Snowgoons affiliate Lord Lhus makes diss song aimed at himself.

Sure he's not that good but he's white and he makes hardcore raw shit, not mega happy fun time, skinny jean, party rock anthem music. [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrB3xDePYrg[/video]

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Some jerk just made fun of my black date, calling her a monkey.

I am so sick of high school, why can't I just be with my best gal in peace? They made her cry. This is not funny. [Image]

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I just spent $2000 on this jacket.


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Favorite sports team colorway?

What do you think looks dopest on gear and such? For me I'm going... 1. Bright orange and purple Phoenix Suns. 2. Teal and Purple Charlotte Hornets before New Orleans destroyed the image. 3. Purple and red Toronto Raptors. 4. Christmas colored hunter, dark red and bronze Sonics. BTW I don't really count Raiders colors as a colorway, kinda colorless.

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Anybody know when Nike officially launches there summer collection.

Summer, ahahaha so funny so now we got that outta the way. I just wanna know cause I keep checking back on nikeid.com trying to find out if they're offering neon colors in dunks and air max 95's again, they had 'em last year and I never pulled the trigger and ordered a pair, now I'm kicking myself, they take 4-6 week to arrive so the neons really should be up by now... Anybody know?

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I love teenage black girls,

They're like my favorite thing ever, I hugged one once, her titties were so firm. [Image] It's a shame I'm a 300 pound 23 year old white man.

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Gradients are owning 2011.

The Kobe's, the Durant's, Adidas has put out multiple shoes with gradients plus graphic tees, like every pair of board shorts has gradients, thank God, the 90s are so back. Gradients=the greatest thing ever. [Image] Thank you 1990s graphic programs.

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Need high res custom screen printing! Will pay relatively handsomely!

Looking to cop two tees with this logo, black one and a white one both 3XL's. Looking for high res printing, I don't want simple gold printing I want all the little effects on the logo. [Image]

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Accidental thread, delete please.

Delete please.

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Can anybody make me a custom high res t-shirt or know anyone who does?

Move to general fashion please, posted it in the wrong place. Looking to cop two tees with this logo, black one and a white one both 3XL's. Looking for high res printing, I don't want simple gold printing I want all the little effects on the logo. [Image]

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Hardcore rape fantasies/desires.

I jerked off thinking about this girl I'm attracted to but hate recently and I was thinking of raping her, then I read a celebrity that I had a thing for's interview and she kinda dissed fat guys guys, of course she doesn't like fat guys but you don't have to say it, now I want to rape her hurting her as bad as I possibly can, maybe killing her. I hate black women, they're extremly mean, stupid people who want too much and I'm considering raping one whenever one is mean to me in person, I used to fantasize about blowing a black guys head off in front of a black girl and then fucking or raping her if she was unwilling, I just wanted to prove my G, I got a lot of shit for my wiggishness for the four months I went to 9th grade, it lives with me, I feel the need to prove I'm G everyday however I won't touch a gun because it would undoubtedly result in 252. I'm not joking, should I kill someone and then myself? Should I rape a mean black woman/girl?

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Do you think hot black women would be open to dating a guy in section 8 on SSI?

About to get myself on social security, about to move into section 8 in Atlanta, do you think hot, young Atlanta women would be open to dating me? Like say I'm a real fun guy who treats you wicked good. As you can see I'm very good looking so take that into account. [Image] FYI I've gained 50 pounds since the D12 picture and orange polo upscale crack house pics, I don't think it's a big deal though.

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Best addictive drugs for weight loss?

As many of you know I'm obese, 6-1 300 lbs, I have zero celph control and am not gonna work out, what do you recommend? I've never done drugs before. Crack? Meth? Heroin? Can any of these make a dent for 150 dollars a month? that's my welfare.

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What The Future Holds

What do you see poppin' off this spring/summer? I see wacky neon colors beginning to become the norm like it was the early 90s.

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Attacking liberal elitist whites, the northwest.

Why are the Portland Trail Blazers letting a man who never played basketball at any level run their team? He's Asian, another northwest "we're so progressive, super mega happy fun time!" hire. And they do it with a smile on their face instead of grinding their teeth like they do in other regions, I swear these people are being fed opium in all their whole foods food. I hate the Northwest, these phonies can all choke on their whole foods while listening to sensitive indie "rock" and fucking their Asian girlfriend.

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