issue with chinos

yo everyone, i bought some chinos - but every size i get just seem to be too tight around the crotch area so i keep having to return. i just have no fexlibility and can barely move my legs in them without thinking they're gonna rip at the seem. basically, can anyone recommend some chino's in the UK that are a wide leg fit (i have 22" thighs) that are still tapered at the bottom i'm really struggling here thanks

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T-shirt id

Anyone know where I can get this t-shirt [URL] The one A-Trak is wearing

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Big Thighs

My thighs are 22inches, anyone have any recommendation of what denim I should look into? I've never really had a good quality pair of denuim before an wish to get into it. Want them to taper at the bottom so they sag nicely on my shoes thanx people

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what shorts and 3/4's everyone got?

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