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Creepy Urban Legends Video

[Embed content] So this is definitely some viral marketing for something, a movie, a book, a web series, something... Never the less, it's still pretty freaky which I find pretty amazing considering it's covering the oldest urban legend in the book and you basically know what's going to happen the entire time.

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anybody ever watch these messed up cartoons as a kid?

i had these super dark and fucked up cartoons on a VHS when I was a kid one was about an alcoholic gravedigger that was digging a grave late at night and the devil showed up, dragged him to hell and showed him around the other was about a dude who decided to travel with this gypsy caravan and then they got chased by a bunch of dark riders on scary ass horses does this ring a bell for anyone? I've tried googling tons of stuff to try to find info or a video and all i ever get is that messed up claymation based on a mark twain short story and some banned looney tunes cartoons If it sounds familiar to anyone please post!

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Johnny Cupcakes NYC Scavenger Hunt

[Image] So Johnny Cupcakes held a scavenger hunt in NYC yesterday from 4-8 and it was awesome. They posted clues on twitter for where to find them and the first three people to the spots won prizes. Afterwards we did some trivia to hand out extra stuff they had. Me and the gf cleaned UP - got an Original Big Kid toy, two scented crossbones toys, two 5-panel hats, a beanie, each of us got the new valentine's day shirt, and tons of pins and stickers. All for participating in a scavenger hunt that was a lot of fun anyway.

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What BYU students know about black people

This is pretty messed up - dude goes to BYU in blackface and asks students at the mormon school Brigham Young University questions about Black History Month among other things. [Embed content]

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GEM of an Interview with NBA JAM director

It's got a lot of awesome stuff on the arcade classic, the haunted machine thing at the end was crazy too "Shaq actually bought two machines. He kept one at home and then, if you can believe this, they shipped the game with them on their road trips, setting up the machine in their hotel rooms as they traveled. The players would play, then get someone to pack it up and ship it off to the next city." http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=3668922

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INSULTS VIDEO Vol. Anime/Hentai/Pokemon thugs

[Embed content] From the description: So, what happens when you get two black Anime/Hentai/Pokemon thugs together?

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Trailer for new anime by Cowboy Bebop director and Cowboy Bebop composer

[Embed content] It's about dudes in high school who love jazz in the 1960s. I'm on board, animation looks dope as per usual. Thoughts?

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Looking to hire someone to design my bigcartel page

So yeah, kicking around the idea to have someone design my bigcartel site... anyone who's interested you can PM me and we can discuss rates and stuff. here's the bigcartel page: [URL]

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I can't stop watching this music video...

[Embed content] Apparently that "Hungry Eyes" dude from that Pretzel M&Ms video has a very healthy viral dancing video career online. Can't stop watching. The editing in this video is really pretty awesome.

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What do you guys think about Antwon? [Embed content] And his newest mix tape: http://antwon.bandcamp.com/album/my-westside-horizon

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