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Man Forced to Eat Own Beard

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Productive people annoy me

People who have some kind of talent, intellect, personality, etc annoy the hell outta me. To quote Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club, "you're a waste of sperm". I'm a little bit of an extremist, but I'm thinking we develop a federal "life success" program. If you haven't met specific criteria by the checkpoint ages of the program, you move that much closer to be killed by firing squad.

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Cigarette on the Car

Alright this happened yesterday and I'm still fuming and friends don't want listen to me rant anymore so hear me out. I went to the beer store to pick up some booze (obviously) for a party I was heading to. So my girl gets in the car and I am checking my phone. "What are you looking at?" I look up and some skinny, hipster lookin white kid is mean mugging me, my friend, and my girl. So I just ignore him, and go back to checking my phone. Anyways my friend nudges me and I look up and dude proceeds to flick his cigarette butt on the hood of my car while I'm watching him. Now the variables that came into play, the first reaction is to obviously confront this kid, but he walks a bit and meets up with with some brolly dude who he goes into the beer store with. So I get out, and low and behold a cop is parked like 20 feet away. So I got a cop, a bigass dude, my girl in the car telling me to let it go. So tell me, am I irrational for wanting to fuck this kid up? Like I'm not gonna hunt him down, and I get the "be the bigger man" shit, but he threw a lit cigarette butt on the hood of my fucking car with me in the car.

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Shock Fights

[URL] 3 Million volts of hell

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[FS] OG Coffee and Frankenstein Bapestas.

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Cheap plain pullovers and crewnecks.

I've been looking around for cheap solid colored pullover sweaters and crewnecks for quite some time. People have suggested brands such as champions etc. But I was wondering if anyone could help me out finding said items in store (Toronto area if possible). Any suggestions/links would be appreciated. thanks

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All White Shoes

Any cheap alternatives to vans? I was thinking of copping some all white vans chukkas, but they aren't the most comfortable. Any recommendations? Comfort is a main factor, no high tops and try to keep it under 70$

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I'm not here too segregate anyone, I'm just curious who on this board considers themselves an atheist, and why? I am agnostic, although I was raised a Catholic and for the majority of my teenage years saw myself as atheist. In light of all the religious talks and arguments on here, a healthy discussion/debate would be nice, seeing as you all are opinionated. Main questions: a) Are you an Atheist? b) If so, why? c) If yes, were you raised on religion? Choose to answer whichever. Once again, there is nothing wrong with debate, but lets not get personal attacks and other bullshit going in this thread.

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Gucci Mane?

Not trying too fuel a debate, but for the past while, dude has gotten mad attention (the beef, jail) whatever, and a lot of people seem too really feel his music. The fuck is the appeal? Honestly? My friend told me different strokes, but this dude is straight up garbage! I have listened too a good 15 songs by him, can someone please link me something good by him, or explain why he is so well received?

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Recently my ex broke it off with me, and her reasoning was kind of difficult too understand. Look, I'm not hopelessly optimistic or anything, but the way she ended it has left me really confused. We had been together for a few months, she kind of ended it abruptly but went really out of her way too say how she wanted too talk still and how it's not that she didn't want too be with me, but she wasn't ready (blahblahblah you know this b.s.). Recently at my friends parties I was already drunk and bumped into her and tried too talk but didn't end up asking her the questions I wanted answered. I honestly don't even want too be back with her, I just have questions unanswered. Anyone ever needed this type of closure? Best too move on and forget it? I get it, pointless on a fashion forum, but it is mostly guys around my age so someone has got too have gone through something similar. Thanks in advance..

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So there is a neo-nazi at my school

Yo, so I moved out of inner city T.O. about two years ago too the burbs, and am pretty much adapted too the change. I'm not generalizing, don't get it twisted, but I'm kinda just shook at how this shit is happening and would probably NEVER happen in the city. So anyways, a kid at my school, product of two racist ass mussolini supportin parents is a neo-nazi. He always preaching bullshit, but the fact that the school is predominitley white and Italian, nobody checks this kid. Well anyways, I am hispanic and my friends are black and he always actin up around us and shit. Well see, we were ignoring him, even when he brought an ss flag too school, people still tryna not too get involved regardless of him preaching his hate and shit. He has an ss tattoo on him and a facist tattoo and recentley we had a little racist incident. What exactly do you do with this kid?

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Valentines and Bored as Hell

The girl I have been seeing is outta town, gotta find some shit too do. Most of my friends are with their women, and I haven't heard of much going on tonight. What's up Toronto? Anything good happenin tonight? I'm in the Parkdale area.

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Stackin for APC denim

I finally jumped on the bandwagon (mostly because my other jeans were getting tailored) and bought a pair of A.P.C. new standard. I got New Standard as I do like too sag my jeans. I normaly wear size 31-32 waist so I sized down too 29. I only got them today, but I noticed the back of the jeans don't really stack the way I want them too. I am getting them hemmed as they are a big long, but should I do anything else too get the proper stacking?

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M65 jackets

I'm looking too buy a new m65 jacket for winter. I have heard H&m and a few others have good quality, but I was wondering if anyone knew of some others for a decent price and good quality. Thanks

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Grey Jeans

I have been looking at Levi's 511 in gray and they seem too be exactly what I was looking for. Problem is, local stores don't seem too carry them. What are some good gray jeans for cheap?

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