Bit of an extreme answer Jenna, I get where you're coming from but at the end of the day if you ACTUALLY like Supreme then you won't want to be some bait reseller looking to make some money out of someone who actually wants to own it, the queue vibe down there when it first opened (same with the Fairfax store a couple of years ago) was really friendly and people were happy to grab you items if they were at the front and it wasn't their size for retail. I've had randoms do it for me from other forums for absolutely nothing plenty of times and I only live in Brighton haha. Getting 10% on something thats gonna cause you no grief if you're already there is a pretty sweet deal, considering all you have to do is tape the bag up, stick a label on and go to the post office down the road.  Promoting rape prices is bullshit and essentially what is changing the brand so it becomes easily accessible to the rich, spoilt kids spending Daddys money on eBay. Sell it within the community, and everyones happy.

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SORTED - Lock this down


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[FS] UK SELLER = Supreme PCL / Bling Box Tee / Box Logo / Pile lined shirts / 6 Panel / Harris Tweed

Just out of interest, were the PCL decks and cat woman tees selling fast? May pop down this weekend.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

WANT: SUPNY Hoodie, Gray Box Logo

PM me a good offer on the SUPNY hood (mines large, 8/10 condition, UK located) and I'll consider it man.

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I got a L, grey SUPNY, UK located. PM me and good offer.

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wtb: SUPNY Hoodie (M/L)

I got a grey in Large, condition 8/10, located in UK. PM me an offer and i'll consider it.

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FS: Dogs and Ducks SHIRT M TAN / D&D navy cap


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SPRING CLEANING Nike Bibby Ralph Lauren Black Scale M-L

damn if only you shipped international, free bump

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Feedback: fuckyou

Bought Supreme x Wtaps tee couple of weeks ago, legit seller and very reasonable, don't hesitate to buy from this guy! Located in UK as well which is rare on this site!

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Thoughts on the brand Bodega?

Spot on prices and a real legit brand, don't get any bullshit from them.

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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

I feel in order for a brand to work it needs a reason to exist, and not just because you can use illustrator and want to make some $ from tees. If it's something that you're serious about then it needs to have a foundation that can later be seen as it heritage / history. It requires research, knowledge and passion. The amount of startup brands with weak graphics / imagery that claim they're legit because they detach and sew in their labels or source their screen printing "locally" is unreal. If you have passion towards your brand and designs that people (not just your Mum) will dig, then GO NUTS!

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Supreme Black BOX LOGO Hoodie

Fake shit. PM'd me like some sort of salesman .

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Gretest Punk Band Ever?

Dead Kennedys all day

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Max 1's & Jordan 4's

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[FS] Supreme tees, jacket Medium.


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