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Would you wear this tee?

Design/Concept by me. My graphic artist (private). The design is basically a diss to diamond supply co. It's called: "Diamond Supply Deez Nuts". [Image]

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Double In Air Backflip - Dance Because You Love It

This nigga is crazy... He does a double backflip over this guy. [Embed content]

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Protecting my brand?

In a few months i will be starting up my clothing line. Now i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right section or not. How would i go about protecting my company's logo and name? Do i have to get both the name and logo registered trademarks? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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Htc Incredible/Logitech g35

items sold.. Thank you!

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Supra - "Mesh Pack"

I love the low tops shown in this picture(last on right), but i can't find them anywhere... Not even @ suprafootwear.com Someone help me out please smh [Image]

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Fresh Tees/Sweaters/Crewnecks/watches

Name: Jacob Kent Contact:pm or email Email: [email]Evo4gme@gmail.com[/email] Selling: 7 items Payment: Paypal Items: Hats(3) T-shirt(1) Cardigan/sweater(1) Crewneck sweater(1) watch(1) Items conditions: *All fresh - everything im selling is either new or only worn a few times. Example: the cardigan was a gift, but i don't really wear cardigans (still has price tag also)... - Hats (3 snapbacks) 1. (Boston Haters hat) 2. (White A's Hat - never worn) 3. (White auburn zyphr snapback) - T-shirt(1 T-shirt) 1. (Black Kush and oj shirt? *NEW* Tried on, but its a bit big on me... It is a medium though) -Crewneck(sweater) 1.(Grey Booger Kids Crewneck - size medium) -watch I have 3 Gshocks also 1 is white, but its not for sale. [Image]

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[Supra]Thunder Low - Navy chambray - 9.5

Name: Jacob Kent Contact: pm or email Email: [email]Evo4gme@gmail.com[/email] Selling: 1 item Payment: Paypal - Shoes (1 Pair supra thunder low) (Size 9.5) 1. (Thunder Low - Navy chambray - sized 9.5? Worn only once *NEW*) [Image]

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