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Driving the basketball help.

I can handle the basketball good. I can juke/crossocer/spin/fade good. The problum I have is when I drive in the lane I always just lose the ball. Not because of poor handling but whendrive bump into a person or literally just get engulfed by people, the ball just dissapers in the crowd of people. So any of you PG out their give me some tips on driving if you have any.         I used to have the same problem man, but then i just started doing what i do when i play pick-up basketball. I noticed the result immediately, and started to draw fouls more. What I did was a "hop step" in a hop step you dribble the ball in the direction you want to jump and after the ball bounces and starts to come up grab it. Then you can make a fake and shoot or just continue with your momentum and get an easy foul and score since you have more control of running into people in case it might be a charge if you do.

2 Weeks ago in Sports