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^ That Lexus LS was for sale in California in the low $20k range. It looks so sick, its a 1999 I believe but the kit makes it look so modern. I gotta stay loyal to German whips though, this is my personal favorite. [Image]

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

Pics from when I first got my whip a few months ago.. it's a 1999 CLK320, just hit 30k miles. First mod is gonna be rims; I'm gonna try and go with Lowenhart or Brabus [Image]

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Glow in the dark bbc ?

thats pretty dope.. does it retail for the same price as a non glow BBC t? BTW anyone selling one hit me up I have some stussy sb's sz. 12 worn twice for trade.

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Are Easter AF1s quickstrike or GR?

I was under the impression that these were an Urban account release (less limited than QS). I really need to see them in person, but so far I'm liking the pics.

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lil wayne's hustler musik video (bape related)

I was the one that uploaded it on youtube, notice how I put hype as one of the key words lol.

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Crazy camo's and snakeskin bapestas

Dope pickups. The snakeskin Bapes are ill, they are a re-release I guess along the lines of the Argons/Green camo/ Pink camo bapes that were just re-released. I have the Red/White/Blue snakes and I can tell you that they do not crease like patent bapes do and you don't see them often. The colorways you picked up are 2 of the hottest IMO. Nice Crazy Camo hoody too.

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Poll: Favorite Camo Color???

Purple!!! But like all of them except for the pink.

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Official Pick Up Post

Finally back on HB, didn't have much time as I've been busy with school. Anyway I gotta say I'm feelin the new site a lot, keep up the good work. Pickups: [Image]

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