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[URL] Blazblue is up first @1pm EST SSF4 AE finals start @ 7pm EST

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Whats in your Dream Car Garage?

So here's how it works. Post your [B]dream daily driver[/B] and then your [B]dream collectors car[/B]. [B]Dream Daily Driver[/B] [Image] Ferrari FXX also in Navy Blue

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So you wanna be a NINJA

I was at the supermarket today picking up a few things when two of the cans start to slide off counter at the register. Using lightning fast ninja reflex's I caught one while knocking the other one up in the air allowin it to be grabbed with the same hand. The little home girl behind the counter can only muster up a "wow nice moves" "no worries I'm a ninja" - I picked up my things and walk out of the store.....without payingsmokeyface

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on PAUSE because of the Canada Post strike

[Image] I've got a whole bucket load of random camera gear from Hong Kong that's being held up in Vancouver because of the strike. anyone else in dis? Held up 3 weeks so far....

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What Radio Stations u listenin' to?

I always fall back to radio to find new tracks and something different from time to time. A couple are. - [URL] is another one from Cleveland dats been good to me. What's local for you du's?

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