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Scarf Glove Combo

im looking for a scarf with attached mittens on the end. just like this one. [Image] but i dont want to spend that much and i want diff colors. i cant seem to find anything like it any where. help is appreciated!

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DIY- un-shrinking clothes

people are always asking how to safely shrink clothes, well this is not that. this is how to UN-shrink your clothes! you need: vinegar sponge ziplock baggy 60-100% cotton garment first fill a cup full of vinegar then using the sponge blot the vinegar on the garment until it is completely wet with the vinegar. then fold it up and place it in a ziplock baggy. let it sit for about 30 minutes. then wash it on a regular cycle on HOT. it is important that it is set to hot. make sure you use detergent to get rid of the vinegar smell. then put it in the dryer, on normal cycle, and once again make sure the heat is set to HOT! then bingobango your shirt has grown at least 2 inches in every direction! and another tip is if you dont want to the collar to grow dont blot it with vinegar. this works because the vinegar reacts with the glucose in the cotton along with heat and expands the cotton fibers. the more you know!

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Kanye Confusion

can someone explain to me why i have 2 very distinctly different versions of Love Lockdown by kanYe west.

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Just pre-ordered. i was feeling the entire block release. [Image]

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Bape YOYO Kid


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Pegleg Sum2008

Daaaaaamn whos digin pegleg summer 08?? that shits is fresh, lovin the colors and themes. big drop too, lots of tees!

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Looking for a duffel.

Im going on a trip and i need like a 2 foot duffel. been lookin around and i found a couple camo misha ones that wer cool. but i cant seem to find any selection anywhere. any help? need websites.

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HOMEROOM sizing help

im buying th e homeroom M65 jacket. im not sure what size to get, it seems like jackets sizes are always off. im 130 and 5' 8'. should i get a M or a L? the jacket seems like a slim fit jacket, so im leaning to a large? what do you think? how do they fit?

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If you skate! Lets Relate!

if you skate. lets see pictures of you skating or your setups or your favorite skate spot or something! talk about skating! I never take pics of me skating but here are some footage screenshots. [Image]

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Now nuthing about nikes, anything special with this purchase?

i bought these at the mall yesterday. want to know if they are anything good about the shoes. or are they generic nike dunks. the box calls em Nike dunk low CL and all i know is they look siiiick. i rarely see nikes i like. [Image]

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Brands that dont have, but deserve hype.

just post brands that you like that dont have much hype. but deserve it. Soulful Commandoe [Image]

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