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P-rods in the new tony hawk!

So i was religiously eating my lucky charms this morning reading the october issue of Game developper magazine and at the end there's an ad that neversoft was looking for programmers and three sweet pictures.One of those are a skate wearing p-rods.They did a pretty nice job. [Image]

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Boon and smart magazine in montreal

I'm subscribing ot smrt magazine by jlist.com and i wonder if is there any places to find them in montreal.I just moved here 4 weeks a go and canT' find any places where i can order them

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The worst think that could ever happen to me..

Check it. I passed the day at hospital today because i had an accident at my job(Some big spaghetti sauce jar fell on the top of my head but no big deal i'm alright).On the first hour that i was waiting to pass,there's this nice girl,and when i say nice,i say triple nice.So since there's no seats left beside the one next to me she take the seat and started peeping myself when i wasn't looking.So i decided to make the first move.She was 29 years old(Man!) nurse(Woah!) that broke one of her finger by tuning her mountain bike(Damn!)After 2 or 3 long hours talking laughing and stuff i was only looking to one thing,her eyes.Think angelina Jolie.Soooo nice.She said that i had a nice shirt(Bape hoodie) so we talked about fashion and stuff for about 2 hours).After 8 hours of waiting,they called my name.So i passed some test and the doc told me that everything was a-ok.So i decided to go ask the girl for her phone number(I'm 21 by the way) and before i said a word,she told me that we could go out for a coffee after the hospital.I was like Woahhhh.Waited another hour but she didnt passed and i forgot to call my parents that everything was alright with my head and stuff.So peep the scene,my mom came into the emergency room,saying:What the fuck are you still doing here?You didn't passed? I said:Yeah but im waiting for her. She said:AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN CALL ME?I WAS SOO WORRIED!!!(I was feeling so freakin' bad here.Worst feelings ever).So i said a fast goodbye to the girl and went with my parents. Lesson for tonight:Always call your parents.It can cost you big time.

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Pastele Clothing

It's the new clothing line by Kayne west..Does anybody got any infos pics or whatever about it?

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