My Strange Addiction - Shoes

Made this short video for my film class. Let me know what you guys think. Mocumentry for 'My Strange Addiction' showing off some of my shoes [URL]

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I've had my nudies for acouple months now, they are startin to stink and the fade is coming in nice. But I think its time i washed these mother fuckers, I'm tired of the jean dye rubbin off on my shoes n shit. How should I go about washing these beauty's.

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Favorite, chuckka / chuck?

Im interested in buying some chucks. I was leaning towards some alife chucks. plz post pics of some chucks, I want some variety.

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Anyone know a legit site to cop a black bape camo sweater.

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Creased Sneakers.

Yo can I have a name of a LEGIT producted to make your sneakers not crease?

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Whats your favorite pair of pants.

Mine would be. WESC - The Kelvin Jean In Raw Stretch Selvage Know1edge - The Diamond Denim

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Any Edmonton HypeBeasts.

Is their any stores in Edmonton that sell Bape, BBC, Ice Cream? If so could I have the store names.

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