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[FS] 003 Wtaps Chukka size 9 vvvNDS $290 shipped

Worn 2x, comes with what you see in the pictures. No issues whatsoever. Cleanest pair on the market, PM with questions [URL]

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FS: 2006 VANS WTAPS 003 WHITE WINGS and 003 SK8 HI's size 9

Hello hypebeasts. Selling these on other sites but thought I'd throw them up here as well for a little less. Prices include fee's/shipping, items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Payments accepted through Paypal only. **Do not send me offers as they will be ignored.** PM me for more pictures. White 003's size 9 with OG box/dustbag $390 [URL] IF you want both, I may be able to knock a little off the prices.

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FS: VANS WTAPS NAVY ERA 7.5, New/used Vans Syndicates/Vaults and Nike SB 9-10

What's up, this is my sale thread. -Prices are FIRM unless otherwise stated -Located in the United States -Ships via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking number -International shipping costs $50. This is not negotiable -Paypal only, you add 4% -Ask me for more pictures/details if you're planning on following through. Wtaps x Vans Syndicate navy Era's 7.5 no OG stuff SOLD SOLD SOLD  [Image]

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Agreement between Rekuso and JesseC

I agree to buy Rekuso's white 003 Wtaps in 8.5 with og stuff through Paypal +4%, in return he agree's to ship via USPS Priority Mail and provide a tracking number by Monday.

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Trade Agreement between JESSEC and B_RAD For VANS WTAPS NAVY ERA’S 9.5

I agree to send B_RAD $175 through Paypal "Payment For Goods" (+4%) for a VVNDS Pair of Vans Wtaps Navy Era's in 9.5 with OG stuff( ? ) http://hypebeast.com/forums/sneakers/183437/ B_Rad agree's to ship shoes within 5 days via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking. Do you agree B_Rad?

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Price check: Nike SB Dunk Low Homer’s (help appreciated)

Okay, so what do these really sell for? I see $400 priced pairs which don't seem to go anyhere, then I see a realistic range of $150-200 for pairs with boxes and shit. So what's a boxless, casually worn pair sell for? I'm looking at a pair of size 8's, particularly, and they have no og box or anything like that, just og soles/laces. I'd say they're in 8/10 condition with some minor drag, definitely very far from beat. NOTE: I am NOT trying to use this thread as a means of selling, so please don't delete it, mods. Just need some direction since Nike's aren't my forte. THANKS

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FS: DS Vans Syndicate 002 Ballistic Sk8 Hi’s size 9, DS 003 WTAPS Sk8 Hi's 8.5

PRICES ARE FIRM. PRICES ARE FIRM. I DON'T WANT TO SEE OFFERS, SORRY. 002 BALLISTIC'S = $200 S/O 003 WTAPS = $300 S/O TRADES ACCEPTED IN OLDER VANS SYNDICATES ONLY. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING (USPS Priority Mail with tracking = $20) OR THE PAYPAL FEE'S WHICH YOU WILL NEED TO PAY (+4%). PM ME WITH QUESTIONS, LOOKING FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. THANK YOU. The tag I have listed here is from June, which should be fine since I still have the shoes. If you need an updated tag, PM me. [Image]

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Thanks for keeping the marketplace in check man!

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FT Only: Vans Syndicate 003 Sk8 Hi’s, 006 Era’s, Ballistic’s, Vault Aloha’s, Sk8 Mid’s

Hey guys. This is what I have up for TRADE right now. I'm not looking to sell but I have been entertaining cash offers. Trades I'm looking for include: 003 Wtaps in size 9, Rad Syndicate Authentic's size 9, and other older Syndicate's. I DO NOT SHIP FIRST I SHIP VIA USPS PRIORITY W/ TRACKING I ACCEPT PAYPAL WITH 4% I HAVE REFS ON offthewallsite.net, here on HB, and on ebay. I forgot my tag when I took this so I took one around the same shit so you can see that these are my pictures. It's a pain in the ass to go back and retake all of these. Hope it's okay. [Image]

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Adidas Ransom: I have a question Fellas, need help (NOT a FS thread)

So I ended up with these Ransom's called the "Dover". It's a leather dress shoe, and I've found pictures of pin stripe or blck leather ones, but I haven't found a good price range, and there's basically nothing on Ebay. The problem though, is that I have these nice ass light brown leather ones and I can't even find a picture of them online, so maybe they're samples. I'm not that familiar with the line. My question is, what should I price these at? They're not on the market, as far as I know, and I have a DS pair I'm going to need to sell. And another question, what is the retail on leather pairs? Hopefully someone out there knows, just comment if you do. Thanks!

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Vans Vault, syndicate- discussion thread

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Gravis Dylan Rieder shoes, Lead, Friar brown (tan), or grey suede, size 9 or 8.5

I know that it's a long shot that any of you have these, but I'm on the look out for some. I am referring to the first low top he made, not the slipper or the vulcanized slip on. I mean the full leather dress shoe esque shoe. Willing to pay very well, thanks! .Gravis Dylan, Lead colorway .Gravis Dylan, Friar Brown colorway .Gravis Dylan greay suede PLEASE HELP ME OUT IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO GET ANY OF THESE COLORS. Cheers!

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Vans Wtaps 003 white Authentic size 9.5 VNDS

Welcome to my listing, ladies and gentlemen! THE SHOES- They are very clean, and very bright. Worn 3x. They have OG box and a replacement white dustbag. Nothing else. There's a little denim stain on the top of one of the tongues. That's just about the only flaw. These pictures are really shitty quality, but there's nothing I can do for better pictures. I don't own a camera. Sorry. If they look too bad, then don't buy. But you'll be satisfied with condition. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR- VVNDS or DS 003 Chukkas, black Authentics, or Sk8-Hi's in size 9.5 or 9. BIN- $190 shipped. I WILL NOT GO LOWER, SO DO NOT ASK ME. MY HYPEBEAST FRIENDS- I'm sorry guys, but I will not hold these at this time. It's first come first serve. I need em gone. :/ PAYMENT- PAYPAL ONLY. Okay! on to the pictures. I cleaned the surface dirt off of the bottom of the sole on one shoe to show that these are still very clean. [Image]

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Mods, Quick Q.

Can you guys un ban someone once they're banned? I only need one solid answer, then you can lock this thread down or delete it. Or whatever. Haha. Thanks!

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worn Vans Wtaps 003 white Authentic, 9.5

Ladies and gentlemen, I need to move these. Paypal only. SOLD SOLD SOLD SHUT THIS DOWN MODS, THANKS! Nothing but the shoes. Will trade for either a same condition pair in a 9, 003 Sk8-hi's in a or, or 003 or 005 Chukkas in 9 or 9.5. I'll need pics. [Image] Someone buy these! PM me.

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