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Official Japan Shopping Guide

are stores open in harajuku or shibuya on xmas day

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Anybody in Korea?

aNYthing, Alife, Irak There is a place in hongdae called shouty........they carry the latest Anything shirts sweater and hats.........they also have some of the latest Alife Kicks...nice place close to the playground.... Also there is a place in hongdae ...i think its called spelling........they cary porter bags and accessories, it was closed but i peeped in the window and saw some alife shirts, Irak shirts and they must carry some other good shit..... kasina in myeongdong is OK but carrys stussy which is FUCKING killed in korea and too fucklng expensive......they have some nice hundreds shit and the regular lrg crooks and castles and that dhit which is definitely played out in my mind. Any people with an ear to the street and street styles get at me most of the foreigners here dont know whats up! also does anyone know where to buy krink here or anyone here in to catching tags all over this city...its a free for all!

2 Weeks ago in South Korea