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Upcoming Clothing Line...Support?

[Quote] my brand: anonymous.com.hk which has just setup recently.

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Upcoming Clothing Line...Support?

i also want opinions for my label, but post was deleted by admin?

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Finally started my own dream

My dream is to create my own label, which is about provide comfortable classic clothes with adding funs on them. I started working on it on early 2010. found a small factory after half year, they can help me produce small quatity, however when 1st sample came out, i got a lot of opinion from my friends, they said my products design and idea are good and great, but not people worn generally, they told me i was just wasting my money. i think that i am still young, i must follow my own dream, so i keep going on. When bulk stage, i had a big hit by material and factory cost, they went up day by day, i reduced some styles due to limited budget. here below is the website i created, may i have your comments and supports?blushing website: anonymous.com.hk

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Shopping Japanese Websites

doesnt Rakuten ship US too?

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HK People Check In!

i'm hker in hk!

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business only

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Hello all

i am new too, hello

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women and kid collection have better design, i thought

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Where the hell do I find this sweater ?

very nice and colorful, wanna know too

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[Supreme] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

what kind of products you want supreme to release in S/S the most?

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A Little Company

is this the brand logo? i think it is too much bullets there, little bit complicated to produce patch or small embroidery in future, anyways it's great design

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