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WTB shadow 1 size 10

title you say the price

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About 2 months ago i stayed with my dad for 2 weeks. One day we were working on my bike when he threatened to bash my skull in with a bicycle fork for correcting him (he has a HUGE inferiority complex, can't handle someone having more knowledge than him) and he was 100% serious like he was going to do it so i went inside and picked up the phone to call somebody to get me the fuck out of there but before i could he grabs me by the neck and pins me against the wall. Then he picks up a KNIFE nearby and holds it to my side and starts telling me how i'm not as good as my older brother and that i'm a dumb and what not and throws me on the floor. he then punched me a couple times (not in the face) and went to his room. Since he was my financial support until college he knew he could get away with it and i didn't do anything or tell anyone about it, but since I'm moving cities and on my own now i'm definitely trying to do something about it.  I know you can go to jail for pulling a knife on somebody and he did assault me with his fists but i ain't really trying to send this guy to prison. is this considered domestic violence too since I'm an adult? I really need money for college should i get some kind of lawsuit settlement? since its been 2 months is it too late? should i tell my family? i don't know what the fuck to do help me out HB! AND don't tell me to let it go because i'm definitely not. he tells me all the time "you aint my son" so i'm just gonna go on about it like he's not my dad and just some random guy.

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WTT Optoma HD70 Home Theater projector for JORDANS

[Image] COMES WITH 2 BULBS BUT NEEDS A NEW COLOR WHEEL WHICH YOU CAN FIND FOR ONLY $55. IT STILL WORKS HOW IT IS RIGHT NOW BUT IT WILL SHUT OFF AFTER ABOUT AN HOUR. very nice great for gaming and movies. YOU DON'T NEED A SCREEN EITHER i use mine on a green wall and it still looks great. From 10ft away the screen is about 80 inches. trying to trade for any of the following jordans in size 10 maybe 10.5: concord 11 space jam 11 gamma 11 bred 11 taxi 12 Bred 1 royal 1 bred 4 cav 4 or a pair of white flyknit trainers

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delete this thread

delete 20char

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WTB: Jordan WC4 size 10-10.5

Post pics and prices. Nothing too beat up.

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Dope white Mid/Highs?

Looking to add some to my rotation but i dont know whats good nowadays. Recommend me some under $150 new or used.

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