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Urbanoutfitters - unbranded 14.5 oz japanese selvage denim

Aye nice fades for 35 days. Here is my story on my black unbranded/ I got the black unbranded and it takes a long time to fade than the blue. No distress after 2 months, and alittle fading started at 2 months. At 3 Months, I soaked them, and now the fades are coming down really fast! So if you want to fade fast for these jeans, then you have to soak before wear. At 3 months plus, a small, small hole appeared around the crotch area. as small as a pin? I didnt want to wear these too long though so i really dont mind. Does anything think that the dye smells bad ahha i do.

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Favorite shoes with denim??

[Quote] ew. depends on color. i think SBs really work and vans. or boots.

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The Official Nudies Thread

I have a similiar question. How do i prevent a crotch rip in Slim Jims to contiune longer fading? I had my pair for a month, and its starting to wear down near crotch. What should i do? ;(

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