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Accepted a cupcake from the enemy

So the bitch I hate at work offered me a cupcake, today. Well, she made them for everybody, but she specifically called me over and hand picked me one. I totally forgot about our beef and ate the mother fucker. Now, I'm sitting here thinking about what could've been in there. Fuck, I feel violated right now. Hope I'm just over thinking this and she isn't that low.

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That new craze. I'm finna get me a mansion. [URL]

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Yo, fuck Filipino accent forreal

So today, I come into work all fine and dandy and shit, chilling and all. So as I'm sitting there, this client comes in asking for help: "Hy, I hap froblem wyt mah ahhcont". I go "pardon me?" so he repeats himself "froblem wyt ahhcont"...yo, real talk, I wanted to put hands on the ♥♥♥♥♥ right that moment because he acted irratated of me for making him repeat himself, but it really wasn't my fault, na mean? So the ♥♥♥♥♥ gives me his account number "por por por wun too pive..." I say "I'm sorry?"...♥♥♥♥♥ looking mad as hell at me, "por pour por...". This goes on for a few minutes then he continues on by giving me his fucken last name with like 15 motherfucken letters, spelling it out like he gotta cock up his throat and shit. The whole time I wanted to choke this ♥♥♥♥♥ out. To make the long story short, I spent like 25 min helping this ♥♥♥♥♥ with his bullshit problem which he created himself and he walked away dogging me, like I did something wrong and shit. Seriously, If I had one wish between having a threesome with Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez or not ever listenning to these Pinoys talk again, I would go with the second choice. On citas, I would rather be a mute than to sound like them ♥♥♥♥♥s. Fucken maddd, man. Arrrg. /End rant. And nah, this ain't supposed to be racist. I've dated pinays and have befriended a few. I like some of you ♥♥♥♥♥s, like her... [URL]

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Yo, what happened to all the GOOD black shows?

Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Wayans Brothers, Jamie Fox Show, In the House, Hangin' with Dr. Cooper, Moesha, The Parenthood, etc... I remember watching all those shit as a little baby, man (all the ♥♥♥♥♥s 21+ should know what I'm talking about). Black people were actually portrayed so much more decent back then. Now, it seems like everyone is only paying attention to WSHH and shows like American Gangster. So what happened, did ya'll get run out of Hollywood or something? tongueface

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Name rappers that you are confident you could fuck up in a one on one

weezy, bow wow, juelz santana, mac miller, cudi, big sean, yung berg, t.i., eminem, pharrell, the whole young money click except millz, mack maine, and guda guda I'd be down to fight any of those ♥♥♥♥♥s in a one on one. I'm 5'9 160 smokeyface

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Is this sexual harassment?

So today at work, I'm walking, still a little out of it from last night, and I bump into my female co-worker sending her backwards. She says to me "Ouch, that was really hard". I then, [I]without thinking[/I], tell her "No, it wasn't. Your airbags didn't pop." She smiles like hah hah. Am I in trouble now? ?)

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What's the best thirst quencher?

7up is a fucken life safer after a night of hard drinking smokeyface second is Gatorade Fruit Punch

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How many friends in your group and how many of those you trust?

My group consists of six guys that've known each other since middle school or at least freshman year of high school. We used to have more, but some of them did something shady or just disappeared. We kick it with other crews or our co workers too, but I would say the six of us are the closest. Out of my six friends, I trust only four of them: 1 50%, 2 80%, and my closest friend 90% (Pops told me to always hold back 10%). The other two, I do not trust at all. I do have a lot of cool acquaintances, but I wouldn't say I trust them either. I also have one real homegirl that I trust about 90%. The rest are just bitches I fucked or wanna fuck. So many homies you got that you actually trust?

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Am I being cheap?

So this chick and I have been going out for about 2 and a half months now. First time we went out she offered to split the bill with me. So of course, me not being bitch made, refused the offer and paid for the whole thing. Second time, she asked me if I wanted to pay for dinner or movies, so I told her that it was cool and that I would pay for the whole thing. She wouldn't agree so I told her that she could pay for the movies. That night I spent around $100 for dinner and snacks at the theaters--she spent around $20 for two tickets. But I thought to myself, "Cool, this chick is kinda considerate and polite.". We had a great time. Ok, now comes the bad part. From that night on until now, we must have gone on ten different dates to many bars, restaurants, shops, etc...and not once did she offer to help me pay. Sometimes, she would come into a restaurant without bringing her wallet or bag. To me, it isn't about the money, but it's more about being thoughtful and generous (I can't stand users and free loaders). I don't feel like she's using me though, because she would call me just to hang out at the park, my place, or just have sex. I mean I don't have to pay for shit when we do those things. Plus she's always hinting the fact that she wanna be with me. I told her nah I'm not ready. I admit, I did kinda like her more than the average chick in the beginning, but this situation is kinda turning me off. One thing that is stopping me from dropping her is that she fucks like a porn star. She would suck me till I'm fucken helpless and swallow all my seeds. She would rather stay home to fuck me then to go clubbing with her friends. She's down for me when it comes to those things, but I'm still leaning toward to breaking it off with her though. So am I being cheap or what? how much should a guy pay in a relationship? I'm thinking 70-30 max! Right now, I feel like I'm paying 95% of the time.

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what sites to d/l mp3s from?

This might sound really stupid, but where do people d/l mp3s (free) from now besides iTunes? Honestly, I haven't d/led any mp3s for like 3 years now. I've been just buying CDs, listening to the radio, or just listening to my old stuff. I've found one web site, which is Filestube, is that place safe? Help me out.

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What musicians ya'll be jammin'?

Even though I'm a youngin', I notice that with today's music, artists are not ARTISTS anymore. To me, a good musician has to be able to do the following things: write, sing, compose, perfom, and play an instrument(s). You are not truly a musician if you are a vocalist only. Most of artists today can't do any of those things! Especially with the Hip Hop scene, it's littered with CORNY mother fuckers-- But to make the story short, what musicians do ya'll really listen to? the kinda of music that just hits home for you. I kinda keep it old schol with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Santana, Bob Marley, etc..But possibly my favorite has to be Billy Joel AKA The King of NY. Here's a great performance by him--swagged out with the suede and stunna shades haha...playing the piano, smokin', and singing his heart out to the tune he wrote. TALENT! [URL]

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Asian unity = impossible?

I notice living in the BAY AREA, Filipino, Chinese, and Vietnamese are all segregated. Do we not like each other? We rarely kick it with each other and when we do, we are either high or drunk. What don't we like about one another and how do we all get along? real talk yo

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Let me in the black shoe joke

keep seeing that fucken black shoe picture, but i'm not getting the inside joke anybody wanna link me to that original thread? march 2010 ninja here

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Public urination

Just got hit up with this bullshit ticket. I'm in the bay (CA), anybody knows how much this gonna be? it's just a citation from the traffic court. And no i'm not going to have to register as a sex offender. I didn't pull my shit out in front of anyone. I did in the corner of a dark parking lot.

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