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Stupid Stuff You Belived When You Were Young

The American Dream.

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Anyone here a Physics major?

What's your reason for wanting to study physics? Keep in mind that you will ultimately need to go to grad school if you want to work as a physicist. If you're doing it just because you're interested in it, you might as well major in engineering and take physics classes for a minor or something. That way you have a degree that's career-oriented and will have a shot at lucrative entry-level jobs with only a Bachelor's.

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Post Your Desktop/Wallpaper VOL The Legend Dies


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Wtf happen to Lil Romeo?

Saw him my freshman year when we played USC's basketball team. He didn't play a single minute.

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XXL 2012 Freshmen List

I didn't think anyone outside of the Pacific Northwest cared about Macklemore. Leave it up to XXL I guess.

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Sportfreak Edition Vol; Based Gawd.


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I'm graduating from WSU in May and interviewing for jobs in the Seattle area right now. Anyone here a recent college grad?

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