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[Supreme] 2012 Discussion Thread (Flaming Users = Ban / Selling Items = Ban)

Does Supreme have a Twitter? Is @SupremeNY legit? Me thinks not so sorry if this is a stupid question but I wanted to check.

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NJ thread

damn suprised no one has mentioned nj skate in sayreville or nj skate II in new brunswick. they got crooks, 10deep, stussy, diamond supply, decent selection of nike sb, vans, clarks, other gear and kicks i cant think of off hand

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Jay-Z ft. Drake - OFF THAT

weak i thought jay's "raps dont have melodies" LOL@ the whackness

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Moscot google the name bc i cant post a link yet. gh3y flyer and more original than raybans IMO

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a question for the ladies

girls, ive just recently been getting my little sister into sneakers and for christmas im thinking im gonna get her these vandal lows i saw online. heres the thing... the site i found them on has then only in boys sizes. she normally rocks a size 7 does anyone know from experience what boys size that would equate to? thanks in advance

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Authentic Bape Reseller List:

[Quote] ^GARBAGE

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Black orange boardflips

i know these are mad old but i found them in a d.e.m.o. that was closing down so i copped em for fifty bucks&) &) &) best day of my life

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How Does THe Straight Svens Fit? Need Help

how much baggy bjorns run for?

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Jordan Bmp Info Needed!!!

[Quote] Just ask the guy at your local footlocker.

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Official: Nike SB Release Thread

anybody got more info on the 6.0 redwood insurgents pack? i dont really shop for sbs but the only place ive seen the 6.0s is pacsun, you think theyre gonna have it?

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Jordan Packs

Just wondering as someone whos kinda new to sneakers but is planning on copping some heat in the near future, are kicks that come in packs worth anythin by themselves on the reseller market? like if someone [God forbid] had teh DMPs they were wearing totally ruined or soemthing would the other ones sell for a good amount or does it not do as well without the complete package. Thanks in advance for the help.

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JB Classics

anyone know where i can cop one of their new era fitteds? they had one style on the website and it was sold out. i know they made at least one other style and id probably cop either one. cant find anything on ebay either. need a 7-5/8 or 7-3/4. thx for the help in advance.

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?


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What to rock

for real i remember my freshman year reading about camden unseating detroit as #1 most dangerous city in america. dont think it still holds the title but shit dude, for real you touch some kids colors in camden and you WILL be shot. and yea we got our share of suburbs but phillys got just as many ugg rockin coach totin bottle blondes as the jersey shore, just swing by upenn. oh and dre, if i were you id get the hoodies first

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pics of 2007 af1s

anyone know when the redesigned white/white af1s drop? im talkin about the ones they had on the front page a lil while back, they posted a video on it too

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