FS: Nike SB, Air Max, Air Jordan retro 3, Jason DIll, MadFoot x Livestock, Adidas x NDG

hey the de la's still available? will you ship to Australia? get at me. jasonbarton26@gmail.com

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The Official Tattoo Thread

what the fuck is that?? is that a baby seal in your bathtub?

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Jay-Z Official Thread/Appreciation Thread - King of Hip Hop

wow king of hip hop thats a load shit

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Whos a Stoner?

pineapple express

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The Official Uniqlo Thread

tight fit, wont b baggy unless u skinny as f#$%

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[Rogue Status] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread


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What brands are you currently wearing or what does your wardrobe consist of for 2010.

lvc, evisu, fenom, vans, puma suede clyde, pro keds, dickies, nike, timbaland (downvest)and some other jackets

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Price check?

are they brand new?

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Addictive Anime

prince of tennis

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The Official Asian Females Thread

favourite threadd

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Official Mishka denim thread

i aint really diggin mishka jeans but thats just me.

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Official Varsity Jackets Thread

frick i wish i had money to blow. i got a couple varsity but not the full leather ones.

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fake as i just checked it out.

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