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its getting cold again

i need a new jacket for this winter. can you guys suggest some websites that sells some good ones or one in particular? btw i want a black one

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weezy haters NOT ALLOWED HERE

i need some new wayne tracks to listen to. any that yall know of?

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R&B hits

what are some r&b hits that you all like? they dont have to be new.

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where can i download songs from?

from programs other than limewire or frostwire?

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

New Music thread

Post some of the newest and hottest songs out right now or that have just come out. looking for mostly hip hop/rap songs.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

need help getting a jacket

ok so i need your guys' help. i want to get a new jacket but i dont know what kind or where to get it from. i looked on kloop and i dnt see anything that catches my eyes. now i KINDA want a m65 jacket, but ive never had one bfor and i dont know how they fit. Also i dont want one thats real long. anyhelp and advice on these jackets? and im also open to other kinds of jackets. tell me what you guys like. also im looking to spend mayb less then $150. thanx

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Walmart open on New Years Day?

anybody know if they open?

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Best Jay-Z/ roc-a-fella family songs

wats ur list of favorite songs by jay z and the rocafella family? including freeway, bleek, beanie siegel etc...

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All black half cabs

Anybody know where to find some all black half cabs??

2 Weeks ago in Brands