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Puma first rounds (no alife)

Upcoming Puma First Rounds After seeing the Puma x Alife collab and now these upcoming samples, it looks as though the first round could become one of pumas next big sellers. These all suede sneakers are looking really good. Expect to see them released sometime this winter. Image via NiceKicks. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Brands

do you guys not like dunks?

I'm new here and I posted inquiring about dunks and someone said "No, don't get dunks". With that said, is there something wrong with dunks? Why do many of the people on here not like them? If you were to buy some dunks, which one would you get. And if you do not recommend dunks, which shoes would you recommend to a n00b? :D...I'm looking for some new back to school kicks. People here recommended me Blazers, but whats so special about them? (Do alot of people have them?) Just curious edit: Also, where do you suggest I buy some shoes? Online or at a fashion store that has some hyped shoes...

2 Weeks ago in Brands

I'm new..to the whole fashion stuff....

Hey all, I'm new to all this fashion stuff...and I was just wondering what a good place would be to buy some Nike Dunks at [B]Las Vegas[/B]. I might go there for a week or two, and I don't know where to go to find them. Also, are stussy shirts and hundreds shirts expensive down at Las Vegas? I live in Canada, and it's pretty expensive here. I would appreciate any advice Thanks!. (also, what other shoes are dope?) ....I know nothing about shoes, but Dunks seem alright....(I have no style whatsoever smh) What would you recommend someone that wants to have a little bit of style before back to school? I have only a pair of faded navy blue chucks...which somewhat turned purple, and all my friends rag on me about it...but I think it looks cool, basically that's all I have...and I just want to look good for next year (I'm graduating next year) :D Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Fashion