flo rida is the new will smith

wtf is with the dead or alive and eiffel 65 samples, trying to make one hit wonders with one hit wonders

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Am i the only one sick of white mid soles?

every time i see something i like it's always got a white midsole, i'd like to see more variance, all my shoes that aren't black or white all have white midsole

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

[WTB] APC New Standard Indigo Tagged 31's

price, pics, condition please located in canada have naked and famous silk denim in 31 to trade as well

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for a nice laptop bag

can anyone suggest a nice laptop bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag? or a bag that's not designed for laptops but works well as a laptop bag (IE sufficient cushioning/protection) something that's got some style and doesn't look like it should carry a laptop, mine's 15.4" widescreen

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

will the hem on raw denim stretch?

if there's no stress on the hem of raw during regular movement will it stretch out? IE anything that isn't skin tight

2 Weeks ago in Denim

some stuff on sale at alife vancouver (new eras/shoes)

just went to go pick up a purple antique A new era and it was only $40 (regular price $50) also they've got a row of 15-20 pairs of shoes that are half price, i noticed the alifeXreeboks in that section. i heard one of the guys working there mention something about $20 shoes as well if you've been waiting for the new eras like i have i believe the term is "do no sleep"? tell them Jeff sent you, despite the fact no one knows who i am

2 Weeks ago in Canada

anyone know why alife vancouver wasn't open? (answered)

went there yesterday and today and it was all caged up without any signs or anything

2 Weeks ago in Canada

where can i find air force 2's?

i'm dying to add a new pair to my collection anywhere other than ebay?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

anywhere get new balance 574 china masks in vancouver?

looking for this colourway [Image] el kartel got the two colours i didn't want smh

2 Weeks ago in Canada

nike hi dunk 3M all black reflective croc available in canada?

[URL] trying to find some in 10.5, picked up a pair of 11's in the states and they're too big any help would be awesome, thanks

2 Weeks ago in Canada