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Vancouver Sample sales

Did anyone go to the livestock sale? Anyone cop anything good? Heres a sample sale I found for next month. i copy and pasted the info CASEY JONES AGENCY SAMPLE SALE Thursday November 15 9am - 6pm Friday November 16 9am - 6 pm Saturday November 17 9am - 4pm GX BUILDING 1868 Glen Drive, Unit 230 Brands: COMUNE C1RCA Ashbury Eyewear Loser Machine Howl Sizes: Mens: 9 | M/L Womens: 7 | M Youth CASH ONLY Samples, one offs, and product that doesn't make it to the shelves. Come get that NEW NEW! I give you good deal. Check out the brands at: www.theCOMUNE.com www.c1rca.com www.Ashburyeyewear.com www.LoserMachine.com www.howlltd.com There is a facebook event too https://www.facebook.com/events/119647591521688/

2 Weeks ago in Canada