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The Underachievers

Haven't seen a forum started for them so why not. If you haven't heard of them, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=205K9Pim2oE

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Can someone give me the REAL release date for LongLiveA$AP please?

Title says it all, thanks

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Made some bad decisions, help..

I was talking to girl 1 but she said it was over but then like a week later I fucked her bestfriend girl 2 (under influence). Then the same night some other girl 3 crawled into my bed and we ended up making out. All I want is girl 1 back and me and girl 2 had to deny what happened for obvious reasons.. Basically everyone figures out but Im still in love with girl 1 who hates me cause inside I know she knows what happened. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?!?)

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