Slam City vs Stussy Sale

Did anyone else also check this out today? manage to cop some tees and some bags stussy backpacks for

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black cats games

Anyone here have a spare [URL] invite??? if so drop me a pm would b v.grateful blushingblushing

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Mario strikers charged football

just came out in the uk yesterday on the wii been playing today and its good fun atm :D anyone up for a game online??? :D

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any chance anyone here from dublin? am visiting for a couple nights in a few weeks time, just wondering if theres anything good to see, do, eat or just any good spots there?

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just read loads of the comments on this [URL] makes me think im racking up way too much money on being kicks n clothes...... though im not really in that much debt.... anyone going into debt to afford their beastin?

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Gap year in japan

so i'm coming up to my uni graduation and im thinking of taking a year out next year and going to japan for a gap year or sth. thinking of doing some work, maybe teaching some english?? at the same time learn japanese and enjoy japan really anyone done anything similar? words of advice?

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aNYthing in london

Anyone know where they sell aNYthing in london???

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Online poker

any texas holdem players here? if so where do you play?

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Best LAN game?

looking for a good lan game for 3 players preferably rpg... any suggestions?

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nike dunk sb low unkle sample

[URL] never seen these before but they look hottttttttttt bet they must be going for quite a bit

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opinion thread

ok spent ages thinking about which kicks to pickup this weekend and its down to cabs chlorine blue dunks 2.jordunk 4's 3.puma clydes the violet ones from the new collection all fairly similar price i dont wanna hear about people saying that i should go with what i like best and its not about what everyone else likes...hypebeast etc etc i know that! just wanna hear people's thoughts on these shoes, what they would pick and why?

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psx on psp

[URL] Anyone else tried this out yet?? seems amazing :D am just sorting it now..gonna play FF7!!

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What kind of forum-er are you??


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shark/milo hoody release in BWS HK

anyone know when this is??

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which places in london has quickstrikes? looking for dunk ginobilis and those mighty crown lo's

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