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Too good to be true? 120$ nudies

http://www.bonanza.com/booths/lintzdenim is this guy legit. 120$ per pair, instead of 180$.. idk what to think..

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My denim collection. Critique...

Ive gotten these jeans within a 6 month span. i owned like 3 pair of diesels and a few other jeans but they were size 33 and are way too big for me, plus i dont really like them anymore. as of now  i own 8 pairs of jeans. i wanted someone to critique my denim collection and tell me if i am missing something (essentials) i also wanted to buy a pair of A.P.C indigo raw denim but i already have 3 (nudie indigo, rbx15 indigo and A.P.C black raw) in the picture i only have 7 because my A.P.C BLACK RAW denim arrive tomorrow. left to right John Varvatos slim skinny jean, AY NOT DEAD (Argentine designer) skinny, Hudson Slouchy Skinny, Nudie Thinn Finn Raw, RBx15 Raw slim straight, BLK DNM slim skinny, Underneath RBx24 Skinny  [Image]

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Ordering from Boy London official online store. HBA question

I wanna order something's from Boy London's site, but delivery to the USA can take up to 28 days it says. Has anyone ordered from their site? How long does it actually take to get delivered from the day you order?  If it helps I live in NJ. also... Where can I find HBA ( Hood by air ) in stores near nj/nyc and what websites can I find it on?

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Denim collection hel

My only pair of denim as of now is my APC petit standard size 29. I wanted to get the Kanye collab ones but they're all gone. I was looking into 1-3other pairs of denim. After having this APCs I've realized that Raw is the only one that last long and is my favorite type. I wanted a pair of the APC black raw and the Rag and Bone grey raw denim im just not sure how the fades are on grey raw denim. Would having these three be a good idea?  .

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I'm thinking or getting some new denim. I'm new to the raw or selvedge denim... Currently own jcrew 484 standard jeans. I'm looking at the apc standard indigo, for 185$ here at Nordstrom. Would this be a good buy for the price? I've noticed that APC jeans come in 1 color, if I wanna own another pair of light colored jeans what should I go for, or do APC fade down to brighter and lighter colors thru use?

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