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[Toronto] Where to find and prices A.P.C. and Imperial denim

if you buy them online at context clothing in comes out more expensive after exchange rates, shipping, and possible customs fees. you got a better chance of going to nomad and paying cash to try and get tax off cause they're 195 cad there and most online stores sell em for 155 usd (about 190 cad with the current exchange rate)

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What does it take to get a job at Foot Locker/ Champs?

The only time head office nixes discounts on Jordans is when they're limited in Canada (2/21s for example) or big sellers, like the 11/12s. I manage a Foot Locker in Toronto right now and I'll tell you exactly what we all look for in a part timer. If you go in to drop off a resume, ask to talk to the manager first. Wear a collar so you don't look like a pile of crap. Introduce yourself so the manager remembers your name. They'll call someone who they remember over someone with a better looking resume. Make sure you have a reason for wanting to work there. Wanting a part time job is a shit reason. Wanting to gain more experience in a shittier reason. If you need to make one up, that's fine, just make sure its good. That's one of the main things we look at for our hiring process. Don't get your friends to hook you up with a job either, and don't have you friends come with you when you drop off your resume. We don't hire friends because they always end up talking the whole shift instead of selling and coming in with your friends is stupid as YOU are looking for a job. I'm just hiring you, not your whole posse. edit: don't go in and chat with an employee and then ask for a job. get to the point otherwise you look like a total goon and a snake because you can't just come out and say you want a job.

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where can i find....

The XX3 in white/grey are droppin on April 5th

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