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[FT] 10 DEEP/random tees/other things for sale or trade

I'm looking to trade (for other crews/hoodies) or sell everything below. I have a bit of ocd so even though many were worn, everything was taken care of amazingly and have no stains, holes, etc. I love my little 10 deep collection but I've recently decided to go for a more fit look, which is the reason I'm trying to get rid of it. If you aren't interested in trading, just make an offer! black clae russell shoes, size 12, like new, was $130 // good wood necklace, like new, was $50 [Image]

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So I pretty much have mad XL 10 Deep crewnecks/hoodies that I am trying to either sell or trade for L 10 Deep crewnecks/hoodies (XL is big on me and I've recently decided to go for a more fit look). I don't have time to take pics of each right now so here are some links to the ones I have. http://www.breaksof10.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/10-Deep-Certified-Crewneck-Heather-Grey-Front-copy.jpg http://www.thedailystreet.co.uk/wp-content/themes/thedailystreet/images/2010/12/10-Deep-Certified-Crewneck-Navy-Front.jpg http://ecstaticfreshness.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/10deep-holiday-2010-collection-1.jpg?w=1000&h= BOTH of these.. I have more so I'm gonna edit this post but I'm headed out for the night and wanted to get this up asap. Let me know!

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