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Going to Indianapolis *yawn*

I'm going to Indy|0 first week of May for a business trip blinkyeyes. I found ONE spot, gotsole? on college ave. Seems like it's the only hot spot of it's kind in the state..any ideas for gettin my shoe fix for the week? Thinking about Cincinnati or Chi but is Chi worth the drive? Appreciate any advice...I'm dreading this trip..

2 Weeks ago in United States

San Francisco Trip

If you like urban art, 111Minna is chill (in my oppinion) they have two music rooms, Check out Milk and Temple too. Can't really go wrong bar hopping in the mission district. Club 6 is lounge. Pier 23 for some reggae...Temple's got all different music rooms (hip hop, drum n bass, house).

2 Weeks ago in United States