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Made it Vol. Google search

How many of y'all, when you go to google to search your name on hypebeast you come up as a suggested search?? I see some of y'all Jacob Lacidar B_low_brown Johnlamone and a few other!!!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Do you sit back and think about life?

I think about this matter a lot. For me, there is a world that I cannot even begin to grasp beyond the confinement of my school routine. I value education however, and would like to excel in it. I am fascinated by the beauty of such places like The Himalayas, Salvador, Tibet, Mecca and many more and their relevance to me and society. I treasure its glory, and could spend a lifetime there. This would be a life well spent for a guy like me. And this brings me to the point where I ponder the lives of other. What do they see? Think? Say? What makes them happy? Sad? Angry? I'm just a guy you don't even know, and I'm expressing my views to you. Why? Because my mind is telling me two. What are the two points that I will receive from this? What am I? I don't know much, but I know there is an infinite universe out there, and it is the duty of the human race to join as one as work to find out what we really mean. We are all pieces of dust insignificant in the eyes of the the big picture. If there was one thing I would keep in mind is that you make your own life. You make happiness, and you make despair. I chose a life of happiness. I am very pleased with my decision. I know its 4:20am, It just came to me and I had to put it down. Peace and Blessings to the HB fam. . . . Shoutout to Va$htie.

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Cycloptic Baby (warning weak stomachs stay out)

[Image] Cycloptic Baby Born in Africa Survives Less Than a Day “The baby had no mouth, no nose, and one severely deformed eye with two pupils. The nurse continued to pull away the towel, and at first, I was relieved. The torso, arms, and little hands seemed completely normal. But the nurse continued, and then pointed to the genital area of the baby, where I saw the child had both sets of genitalia and, according to the nurse, no anus.“ . . . . damn shit is mad crazy.

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Are you a masochist Vol. Mental Self Either

Does anyone find themselves doing things or looking back at things knowing it will fuck you up mentally and emotionally but you do it anyway because of some reason you cant explain? Ex. I just looked at pics of my ex that shit made a nigga type sad. Then i looked at pics from when i used to live in brazil that shit made me miss my life,friends and fan back there. I knew it was gonna fuck me up mentally but i did it anyway...the fuck it wrong with me??

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The Official Va$htie Kola Thread

Bow down to the Downtown Sweetheart aka King Vashtie Faggots: VA$HTIE KOLA is a Visionary Director, Party Producer, Style Maven, Lady of Leisure, Jordan 3 Villain, TomBoy Extraordinaire, Luxury Handbag Queen, Vintage Don, Fashion Addict and Art Nerd. With a friendly demeanor and uncanny ability in bridging the gap between underground cool and industry mainstream, Vashtie can take a meeting with cigar chomping execs and chill with graffiti crews on the streets of the East Village in New York City, where she currently resides. Videos, news and photos of the queen will appear here. Get use to it smokeyface smokeyface Get inspired niggas. [Embed content] [Image]

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HAHAH im in there!

I checked everything she said and im a go go. Damn i was feeling down today and this shit made a niggy smile. blushing [Embed content] kate uptown couldn't make a video like this.

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Madden 13 Official Discussion Thread.

Who is down with the midnight release? [Image] [Quote]

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Gundam Models

Does anyone collect and assemble gundam model kits? If so how difficult is it to put together. And what are good sites to purchase kits?

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Garageband Help

Does anyone use garageband. If so how do you go about and use the piano roll to automatically correct your high hats and drum patterns. I have been making my drum patterns manually for the past year and still haven't found a way to use the piano properly. Can someone help me out teach me how to use piano roll to make drum patterns dynamic. Thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

My mom found my collection.

While i was out and about today looking for another job because a niggy not trying to get paid 7.25 at fast food, cuz i got bape to buy and cameras to cop. I came home to her telling me she wanted to show me something. So this dyke tells me she found all these random pics of a certain female in my cabinet in my room, her face cut out and hearts drawn all over her. Luckily she didn't go through them all where she found the ones with cum stains on them. Her excuse was that she was looking for old socks of mine to throw away...wtf my nigga. Any then this dyke says to me "tomorrow we are going to have a talk about my lil obsession." Bitch im 19 about to leave next year!!!! Yo what should I say im not about to throw all of my Va$htie pics away.

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Dating online?

Hey niggas what do yall think about online relationships not like Eharmony or Match.com, not the sites that old people use to appease their mid life crisis. Im taking about meeting someone on tumblr facebook twitter myspace etc. Do you think its possible to find someone online and have it turn into a real relationship, or do you think its for the herbs and niggas that don't leave the house. Teov I see you my nigga! But discuss niggas. Ps. Avina i know you gonna read this so whats good mami smokeyface

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[[WTB]] Updated!!! Supreme Real Tree Pants. Bape. Stray Rats.

Whats good fam. Im just looking for a brand new or used Bape x Stussy-Reversible MA-1 Jacket from the 2010 collaboration. The black or the olive color! smokeyface XL [Image] Hit me up if you wanna get rid of these items. Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Funniest Threads of 2012 So Far that made it through Revolver Ocelot and Friends

2012 thus far has been funny AF with the threads, y'all some fucking clowns fam lmao. So fuck it what has been the funniest threads thus far? i have to go with "Dildo in mouth boy" [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Frank Ocean Came Out

Damn this nigga just said fuck everything and came out the closet. Respect. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

YuYu Hakusho vs. Z Fighters

I dont really make herb threads but this is something i wanna know after whating yu yu hakusho last nigh. Who do you guys think would win in a throw down? Fuck anime. Yuske (peak) vs. Goku (Pre SSJ) Kurama (peak) vs. Gohan (Namek) Kuwabara (peak) vs. Krillin (Namek) Hiei (peak) vs. Vegeta (Pre SSJ) Genkai (peak) vs. Piccolo (Post fuse with Nale) THIS THREAD HAS POTENTIAL TO FUCKING SUCK!

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