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Zombie ants!

Saw this while I was at work yesterday, found it pretty interesting. What do you guys think about this? [URL] Scientists have discovered what they say are four different species of "zombie fungus" in the Brazilian rainforest, which take over the brains of their host ants, forcing them to move to a location ideally suited to the fungus before killing them. In a study published March 2 in the journal Plos ONE, researchers from Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States say they began to investigate after noticing different types of fungus growing out of the bodies of carpenter ants. "This so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungus alters the behaviour of the ant host, causing it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging onto and biting into the adaxial surface of shrub leaves," the authors write. The fungus then grows

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APC NS size 30

Looking for new or very close to new. PM with price and links to pics. Paypal ready.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Nike Destroyer M

Looking for a destroyer in size M 09 or 10. post with potential deals.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Supreme switchblade comb

title says it all. post if you wanna make a deal

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The Hundreds x Disney

I accept paypal only. Each shirt is $35 shipped or both for $65. Shirts are in good condition both size M no stains or rips. [Image] Prices aren't set in stone,Get at me!

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Post Your Photo Bombs

Most of the HB community are clowns so I know some of you must have some decent bombing pics. I'll post a couple that I found on my fb. [Image] Post yours because we need some better than mine to make this thread.

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Got my Curren$y ticket

Coming to Ottawa Saturday night! Going to be smoking soooo much dro before, during, and after. Anyone else been to one of his shows, if so how was it?

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[WTB] Converse CTS Mid 9.5/10

Black/white or Navy Looking to pay 60-65 shipped to canada.

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Stand or sit and wipe?

When you're done taking a shit do you stand and wipe or sit and wipe? I'm a sitter, the first time I heard some people stand I didn't really understand it. EDIT: Wipe back to front, or front to back?

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Feedback : Jackson12

Done any business with me please leave feedback.

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[WTB] Hundreds Mathletes

Looking for The Hundreds Matheletes T in red size medium $40 shipped to canada.

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