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[FS] Clot X Devilock Red Patch Denim W34 L33 ; Clot X Devilock Silver Patch Denim W32 L 32

750 OBO Off me ur price Brand New Never Been worn~ bought from Juice Taipei W34 L33 Comes with tags and everything and invoice from Juice Taipei I'm in Taiwan right now....but if u want it~i can sent them to my friends in California either way we can work it out thanks HMU for for detail pics J4ke11685@yahoo.com.tw Red Patch [Image]

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[FS] SSUR Comme Des Fuckdown Zip Up Hoodie Black Size M

Brand New Only Tried On But It's Too Big For Me I Will Ask My Friend From The States To Collect The Money For Me Once It's Cleared I'll Ship It Out It's Currently In Taipei Taiwan 150 Shipped [Image]

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[FS] Nike Air Jordan 1 2001 Retro 01177 of 38345

Wore Once Dont Have The Jumpman Key Chain But Still Have The Jordan 1 Card International Shipping $40 USD I Will Ask My Friend From The States To Collect The Money For Me And Once It's Cleared I Will Ship It Out With A Tracking Number 600 Obo [Image]

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[FS] [W34] CLOT x Devilock Patched Denim (Red)

Brand New 1000% Authentic Comes With Tags And Everything That Comes With It Will Provide You Invoice From Juice Taipei It's In Taipei Taiwan Now International Shipping $40 $800 Obo [Image] J4ke11685@yahoo.com.tw

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[FS] Clot x Devilock DEVILCLOT 2nd Damaged Denim (Silver) W32

Clot Devilock W32 Silver Patch[Image] $800 USD Deadstock 10000% Authentic I Have The Receipt From Juice Taipei Brand New Never Been Worn It's Currently In Taiwan Now, My Friends Will Be Visiting Me In Jan 21 So We Can Work A Way Out Once You Pay My Friends And Will Sent Them To You Or.....Have My Friend PIck It Up For You And Sent Them To You j4ke11685@yahoo.com.tw email me for more detail pictures [URL]

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