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[FS] Jordan 3,5 DS 88's,Grape 10-10.5

Selling some of my DS Jordan's to raise cash for a trip this summer  PM offers + 4% for papal and shipping  meet up ok in San Diego area  [Image] DS wolf grey size 10.5 $250 DS Cement IV's size 9.5(sold)

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WTB used Jordan concord XI size 10 or 10.5

looking for a pair of 6/10 or better pair of jordan XI's either in size 10 or 10.5  must have box and still wearable condition can be 2000 or 2011 release  price is flexible depending on condition willing to trade DS black nike roshe 10.5 or RRL denim size 31  also would be willing to trade DS bred XI 10.5 for 8.5/10 or better condition concord  email me jrepprmd@yahoo.com

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[FS] DS Space Jam size 11

Deadstock Space Jam's size 11 PM offers selling to best offer by weds H/O: $350 [Image]

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Apc ns (29/31)

Selling APC New Standards size 29 New tried on but didn't like Paypal or Meet up in San Diego area Taking reasonable offers BIN: SOLD [URL]

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Diamond Joe Montana(Large)

Pm me money ready any color [Image]

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Event's in your city

What are things not to miss in your city? Ex: San Francisco bay to breakers, Coachella in indio, Halloween in Santa Barbara [URL]

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Getting married young

Anyone worried about getting married young?cuz times moving fast [URL]

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Post girls wearing the best halloween costume


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Azn math help!!!!!!

suppose you need to construct a right triangle in which the shortest side is eight feet less than the longest side and the third side is seven feet more than the shortest side. How to set up equation? Solve? How many solutions? Do any make sense? What are the length of all three sides of the triangle? Thanks for help

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Post your best shots with a d40

Im just looking to see different types of photos Ive had my D40 for 2 months now and love taking pictures I want to see what other have taken with this camera and at what setting?Cause I feel I'm missing something

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What to wear to the gym?

Im tired of wearing old shirts and beat up J's. What's a good fit?

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