Last Man Standing

Yo did anyone catch Last Man Standing on BBC3 (UK) ? Dope series ,tonight was first episode in second series. [URL] One thing though, and the main reason for this thread.. What the heck was that fassy from Chicago doing? That pussy with the bandana and plucked eyebrows-who wanted to cry during training I've always had a soft spot for Chicago but this guy makes me look down on it man... 100% pussy 'ole. If no one else watches Last Man Standin thread will fail... But if you do say something cause for real that dude pisses me off.

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A question to you all

Sorry guys if this has been posted before. I mean, I love everyone, and equal rights regardless of looks,creed, color.. But am I a bad person for thinking HOW the HECK this happened?? But can somebody explain to me please, how this is possible?? Verne Troyers new girlfriend Canadian model from Quebec Dominique Arganese 22 years old [Image] Want to stalk? [URL] CANT GET IMAGES TO WORK,BUT FIRST ONE DOES, YOU GET THE POINT....

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Things I learnt from 'Taken'(2008)

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The Fall

Does anyone have any information on this film other than whats up on IMDB? Release dates in theatres/DVD worldwide etc/ Looks good and I want to see it but I don't think it has a scheduled release date in europe. The Fall - (Tarsem) [URL] Thanks

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