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Last Man Standing

Yo did anyone catch Last Man Standing on BBC3 (UK) ? Dope series ,tonight was first episode in second series. [URL] One thing though, and the main reason for this thread.. What the heck was that fassy from Chicago doing? That pussy with the bandana and plucked eyebrows-who wanted to cry during training I've always had a soft spot for Chicago but this guy makes me look down on it man... 100% pussy 'ole. If no one else watches Last Man Standin thread will fail... But if you do say something cause for real that dude pisses me off.

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A question to you all

Sorry guys if this has been posted before. I mean, I love everyone, and equal rights regardless of looks,creed, color.. But am I a bad person for thinking HOW the HECK this happened?? But can somebody explain to me please, how this is possible?? Verne Troyers new girlfriend Canadian model from Quebec Dominique Arganese 22 years old [Image] Want to stalk? [URL] CANT GET IMAGES TO WORK,BUT FIRST ONE DOES, YOU GET THE POINT....

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Things I learnt from 'Taken'(2008)

Hey guys, don't know if anyone has seen this film yet. But it's quite a good movie. [URL] -------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't wanna know what happens in the film, don't read the following. --------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, here is a list of the things I learnt from Taken, Feel free to add your own ones... (I didn't write the list- took it from another forum) 1. Albanian human traffickers in Paris will believe that a guy speaking American English and holding a French Intelligence business card is for real and will give them a wad of cash when asked. 2. When your daughter is being kidnapped while you are on the phone to her tell her to hide her under the bed. 3. Young 17 year old girls follow U2 concerts around Europe. 5. When a ship is getting away drive to the next bridge and jump onto it. 5. Middle eastern rich people buy kidnapped American girls traveling alone. 6. 17 year old American female virgins are worth $500,000 USD. 7. At 55 Liam Neeson can overpower any amount of men with his bare hands. 8. If you kill every person in a room and you know more are coming pretend that you are dead and then you can surprise them. 9. If you are thinking of going into the singing business you should change your mind. 10. After killing 20 or 30 people in France it is easy to get on a plane and fly back to America. 11. If you rescue your daughter from being a prostitute in Europe by killing 20-30 people, when you arrive home at the airport your daughter will get into the car with your ex-wife and you will have to catch a cab home. 12. Fire Extinguishes make good weapons. 13. If you are ever being tortured by ex-cia tell them nothing as they will still kill you anyway. 14. Ex-CIA are stone cold broke. 15. When you are a kidnapper make sure your face isn't in the reflection of glass when you take your victims photo!! 16. You can use other peoples business cards to lie about who you are and most people will believe you, especially hardened criminals from Eastern Europe. 17. If you kidnaps Liam Neeson's daughter he will find you and he WILL kill you. 18. If you own a gun you should know what it feels like when it doesn't have any bullets in it. 19. Young children won't scream when you shoot their mother in the next room 20. When you are calling someone who can trace your call and locate your position, use a walkie talkie to stand separate from the mobile so that they wont find you. 21. A work shed is not a building. 22. Construction yards are fronts for illegal prostitution. 23. When your daughter is kidnapped in Europe by Albanians you only have 96 hours to rescue her. 24. It is expensive to fly sex slaves to the west. 25. When you plan to kidnap an American girl always make sure to ask her whether her dad is CIA before you kidnap her.

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The Fall

Does anyone have any information on this film other than whats up on IMDB? Release dates in theatres/DVD worldwide etc/ Looks good and I want to see it but I don't think it has a scheduled release date in europe. The Fall - (Tarsem) [URL] Thanks

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