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Tucker Max

Possibly one of the greatest fkn books i've ever read in my life. [URL] [Image] The book is mad sexist but funny as hell. READ PEOPLE

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[WTB] Dissizit This is It New Era Cap 7 3/8, Triumvir Fuck Love M

lookin to buy [Image] size M

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[FS] Baby Milo, Triumvir GS & Dalek collabo

I'm in San Jose, CA MO/Meetup, sorry no paypal Baby Milo - L - $25 [Image]

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[FS] Triumvir x Capcom Street Fighter Fitted Cap (7 3/8, Black)

its a great condition Triumvir x Campcom street fighter collabo hat. only 200 made and 144 sold. -size 7 3/8, black -money order only please -i don't ship first -still in great condition, worn around 3 times -i still have the original box that the hat came in - no less than $50 [Image]

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shits anyone?

here are some of the more common ones. the splasher the cliff hanger the third leg the "was that a shit or did i have diarrhea?" the tiny deadly one

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need a stencil idea!

hey i just bought a new badminton racket off my friend. yeah i know i'm asian and i play badminton, go figure. anyways the strings are all blank white and i was thinking about stenciling something on them. originally, i was thinking the playboy bunny as a stencil on the strings but i'd probably get kicked off the team for being "inappropriate". any suggestions?

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happy hardcore

anyone know of any dj's that are like dj satomi? his waves song realy has me going right now

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dior homme question

I was wondering if the new dior raw denims are a good choice to buy for my next pair. since the leave of hedi are they worth buying or should I just move on to a different brand. I have kept my options and if not dior i was thinking some imperials. I've researched her and there and there was something about no more japanese selvedge now? and the italian in low quality? this kind of made me lean away from diors but my knowledge of dior raw denim is limited especially since the hedi thing so i was wondering if someone could enlighten me. And if people agree with buying some diors, what would be a legit site to buy them from? I would be looking into a fit like NS, a lil more tapered is fine. thanks

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