What Nikes are these?

Found em..

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[FS] Proper x Vans Native Americans Grey & HUF x Vans Sk8 Hi Satin Blue (Both new, sz9.0)

Both are brand new, size 9 Men's $150+shipping for Proper Vans. $110+shipping for Huf Vans [Image]

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Price Check on Proper & Huf Vans?

Brand new DS sz 9.5 Huf Vans Sk8 Hi Satin Blue Brand new DS sz 9.5 Proper Vans Native American Grey Thinking about getting rid of these (need $$) I don't know if this is the right place for a price check either.

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Island of Guam may tip over!

[URL] Guam may be too overpopulated and could tip over.

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Right Brain vs Left Brain

[URL] [Quote] Super trippy lol.

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[FS] Wtap Chukkas, Proper Vans, HUF Vans [sz9]

I accept PayPal and money order, though I would prefer payment by PayPal Feel free to give offers, but these prices are very firm and I wont lower much. NO TRADES! The resized pictures might look a little distorted, click the image link to see its full size without any problems Huf Vans Sk8 Hi blue sz9 - brand new - $120 shipped [Image] Proper Brown Chukka Del Barcos sz9 - brand new - $130+shipping [B][U]SOLD[/U][/B] Wtap Navy Chukka Vans - rarely worn, still in excellent condition, see for yourself - $130+shipping [B][U]SOLD[/U][/B] Urban Camo Half Cabs - brand new sample - $90+shipping [B][U]SOLD[/U][/B]

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Kyle Sarasin Gymkhana Practice

[URL] Haha that's so dangerous, but it looks fun!

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Repo Man Recovering Delorean Kicked In Taint By Michael Jackson Impersonator

[URL] cop singing national anthem..

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Court in 1 day, need help quick! (Speeding ticket lol)

Well, I need some help fast because I have court on Thursday for a speeding ticket. It's my first ticket and I'm 16, so I have to go to juvenile court. I was clocked doing 88mph in a 65mph. When I was pulled over, there were 2 other people who were pulled over also. I only remember one of them was a red Cavalier specifically because I was driving behind him for a while until I realized he was going to fast and let off. The officer told me I was clocked by a radar by air. I read this thing he gave me and it said that I was caught by a helicopter and then they called the officer on the ground to pull me over. Here's the best story I can give which is pretty close to the truth, to be honest, I don't really remember what all happened. I got on the highway and there was a red Cavalier in front of me. I kept constant with his speed for a bit until I realized he was going to fast because I passed up 2 cars pretty quick. So I let off and continue going about 68-70mph for the next 3 or so miles. That red Cavalier was gone. Then at the exit, I saw the Cavalier pulled over and another car. Then the officer pulls me over. So, now my court date is on Thursday. I had a lawyer, but he bailed on me, now I'm really worried. I told my friends that story that I'm going to tell the judge, but they all say that the judge will think I'm lying. And also, if the cop and pilot is there, they would say something. Will the cop AND the pilot be there? Or only the cop who pulled me over? All my friends tell me to plea no contest, but I really don't know what to do. I don't want to get my license suspended, that's all. All my friends who have gotten pulled over for speeding have gotten their license suspended. But worst of all, it's freaking summer. And I'm still trying to find a job. If I get my license suspended, it's gonna be tough. Is it smart to try and fight the ticket even if it was a speed trap? So, what should I say when court comes?

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When people tell you to chill out / don't get butt hurt

Don't it piss you off? I just want to beat some ass right now.

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[WTB] Proper Vans Sk8 Hi Navy and/or Purple sz9-9.5

I'm looking for these Proper Vans that were released almost a year ago. (Not the Holiday Collection) [Image] ALSO LOOKING FOR PURPLE Preferably in new, or clean condition. Size 9 or 9.5 mens please. Let me know whatchu got. Thanks!

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[FS] Vans Chukka True White, Jack Purcells (sz 9)

Willing to do trades! I only accept PayPal These are all BIN prices. You can give me an offer also. The resized pictures might look a little distorted, click the image link to see its full size without any problems Vans Chukka Boot True White - sz9 - $45 shipped----[U][B]SOLD![/B][/U] Jack Purcells - sz9 - $65 shipped Brand new, only tried on. [Image]

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[FS] Flathead, Manik, Uniqlo, CM (W32-33) Acrylick, IM King (S-M)

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Top 10 Zombie Movies?

For some reason I've been in the mood for zombie movies. I've played Nazi Zombies on CoDWaW and Left4Dead, I guess thats giving me cravings. I'm looking for action zombie killing movies like: Resident Evil Dawn of the Dead I Am Legend 28 Days/Weeks Later 30 Days of Night

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GOODS jeans?

Could someone tell me about these jeans? the brand is GOODS and its made in japan the OO in GOODS is connected together like 2 rings thats all i kno

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