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Police Pull Over Ambulance, Put EMT in Choke Hold

fucking pigs [URL] Muscogee Creek Nation, OKLAHOMA - A fight between first responders and the cops made national news because a witness recorded it on his cell phone camera. Police could be heard yelling at an EMT. "You are under arrest, you are under arrest!" It was a jarring scene, if only for its incongruity, a highway patrolman trying to arrest an EMT. All the while there was a woman in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. "A highway patrolman pulled my mom's ambulance over because he's mad we didn't pull over," said Kenyada Davis, who used his cell phone to capture the surreal situation sparked by an alleged insult. "What do you mean flipping me off?" That's what a trooper supposedly said to the EMTs, but the EMTs said they did no such thing as the trooper was driving by them. The tension culminates with a shove-fest and a hand around the throat of EMT Maurice White, who then asked the troopers who he should contact to report their assault. He said their response was, "It's not our job to receive criminal complaints against another officer." "I can't say much," said Thomson Gouge, Muscogee Creek Nation. "'Cause its such a hot button topic?" asked Burt Mummolo, reporter. "It is," said Gouge. The Muscogee Creek Nation oversees the ambulance crew and said they're waiting to see what unfolds from the DA's office. The EMT was never arrested. Meanwhile, OHP officials said the matter is under administrative investigation. Both the EMTs are back at work. As for the woman in the ambulance, she was on the way to the hospital for heat exhaustion. She is expected to be okay.

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