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Skincare products - who do you fuck with?

And why?

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The MAGIC BIRD Broadway show - anyone?

Yes, THE Magic and Bird. I´m not big on stage plays but i would still like to check it out. Are you going NY? [URL]

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Dude scored 113 points in a basketball game

How he did it? Dude hit 32 threes. [URL] If you ever played organized ball, you know how important strength and conditioning is because the more you get tired, the harder it is for you to hit these shots! Crazy stuff..

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2012 March Madness Thread

I just saw the refs cheat UNC Asheville in a very ridiculous manner and yes, i picked Syracuse over them but at this point, i dont even give a fuck. UNC played their hearts out and deserved to advance. Fuck!

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Ricky Rubio Out For Season, likely to miss Olympics..fuuuuuuuu….

yes, espn and a few others like the minnesota star tribune have confirmed it..looks like he is [URL] as well. too bad, i really loved watching dude play!

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NBA considering Sponsors on Jerseys

How do you feel about this? NBA has by far the best marketing machinery and i wonder, why havent they done it any earlier? Leagues all over the world have been doing it forever. Was it a purity aspect where they wanted to keep the jersey a sacred thing and that now they changed their mind and that they simply dont care anymore about it and that they want to make money off of this? Wich one is it? I really wonder.. [URL]

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Jeff Staple on Masaryk Gym NYC

Jeff Staple on Basketball and whatnot..what an amazing fucking gym..NYers: anyone already been there? [URL]

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Story: Jeremy Lin could have ended up playing in Germany

Crazy how things go sometimes.. [URL] By the way, this reminds me how Erik Spoelstra played in some bumfuck 2nd league in Germany and then became head coach of the Heat. From what i know, dude started as some video analyst for the Heat and i guess pat saw something in him..

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Derrick Rose to Land Potential $200M Shoe Deal with adidas

Is this forreal? I hope he never goes broke, you see a lot of that in the NBA. Crazy shit.. [URL]

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The Iron Sheik on the Knicks vs Heat game

Yes, THE Iron Sheik. I dont really know how sports related this is so i posted it here..heh.. [URL]

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Ever dealt with false advertisement on a product?

So i got me one of these Penfield Vassan jackets a few months ago because i liked the combination of design and fabric. Penfield claims that this jacket is made out of water resistant fabric. Unfortunately the jacket couldnt handle any rain at all. I have approached them about it weeks ago but they haven

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Bobby Hundreds..again..ahhh..

So this fool is at it again, somebody just sent me a link to his blog entry, which starts with "Kids these days. They want it all." as if he

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The next hipster shit will be:

Hiking. I can sense it. There is something about it that tells me it will be hiking. Like people buy supreme because they think its real skatershit or toys on fixies rock messenger bags to come off as "look at me, i live the urban, big city, bike messenger life as i risk my life daily in these streets", hiking would fit right into it. Since the gear itself wont do it alone, some will try to gain credibility by actually hiking, which is very stupid because the average hipster has the type of self-overestimation of someone who just did mad lines of coke and a hiking accident can have serious consequences.

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I just saw this on craigslist,lulz..

I wonder who this well established streetwear company from the Bay Area could be, thats out to rob people? We are a well-established independent streetwear company based in the Bay Area and have been designing and producing graphics for t-shirts for over 10 years. We are seeking out some fresh perspectives. If you are interested in submitting work to us for consideration for our line, and have the time and focus to produce under major time constraints during the next 3 WEEKS, please read on: 1) Submit a portfolio link or email jpegs (lo res is fine!) of all relevant work to: 2) A knowledge of current trends in streetwear graphics is absolutely necessary. Please list your favorite lines. 3) Main qualifications are fresh ideas, ability to work quickly, polished digital skills and the ability to take and respond to criticism. We are PARTICULARLY interested in highly skilled illustrators and photo-composite artists. 4) Compensation will depend on skill set and experience, and is negotiable. For concerned applicants, PLEASE UNDERSTAND -- we are not interested in pirating or copying any of your submitted images. Images submitted should either be publicly available (on a web portfolio) or images you feel comfortable sharing with us. We will not use any images submitted for any purposes other than evaluating your skill set. We have a long history of working with graphic artists and respect the craft. Most of our current artists have been working with us for minimum of 3-5 years. But we are constantly looking for new creatives to keep our look fresh. This is how we have maintained our reputation as one of the most innovative lines in independent streetwear.

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American Apparel T Shirt quality is not what it used to be

peep game: i used to get the plain t shirts from them, them shits was good, stayed soft, kept the color and size. But EVERY other shirt i got within the last 6 months blew mega-cock. They had grease stains from the sewing machine and shrunk after one washing. I understand there is a cotton (and rubber) crisis but son wtf? Shit is weak gawd.

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