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NDS iPod Touch 16GB 3rd Gen - $150

NDS iTouch. No heavy damage. No bugs, freezing or anything. Works perfectly fine. 150 + 10 for shipping. BIN Meetups welcome in New Orleans, LA No Paypal. Money Order or Concealed Cash. Willing to trade for other electronics. Looking for Black or White Nintendo DSi + Pokemon. PM for any questions. Will not ship first. Don't ask. Pics are from my solecollector listing. [Image]

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Alessandro Dell'Acqua High Top 2008 F/W - $325 Shipped

BIN $325 Shipped anywhere in US Open for trades. Looking for Black or White Nintendo DSi. Sneakers 7 1/2 or 8 only. Comes in OG Box, shoe bag, plastic bag and all. I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST. DON'T ASK. Pics: [Image]

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[FS] - Alessandro Dell'acqua High Top (Sz. 7.5)

[CENTER][size=15][b]Alessandro Dell'acqua High Top Sz. 7.5 - BIN/$325 ONLY Accepted payment methods: CONCEALED CASH WESTERN UNION[/size][/b] MEET-UPS IN NEW ORLEANS ONLY! OFFER AWAY![/CENTER] Below I have provided links, because the pictures I've taken are pretty large. Also, I apologize for the horrible pics. I borrowed my friend's camera(which sucked), and had poor lighting. I will try to re-up on better pictures later. Some were taken with flash, and some without as you can see. These shoes were worn only once very lightly for about 2 hours, and has been in my closet tucked away for some time now. Retail is $390, and these aren't easy to come by. Especially at mens Sz. 7.5. [b] -Snap and hook-and-loop closure. -Combination leather and fabric upper. -Textured rubber sole. -Made in Italy. -1" heel. -5 1/2" shaft. -12 1/2" circumference. -17.00 oz.[/b] Here are the product images: [Image] Here are links to my various photos: [URL]

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Can anyone translate this asian tattoo?


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